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Melrose Place Returns


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As any of you who read my post a few weeks ago probably know, I have been anxiously awaiting the start of the new fall television lineups. Last night, the wait finally ended! Not only did 90210 return with a vengeance, but the newest version of Melrose Place premiered on the CW.

I have to admit it – I didn’t watch the original Melrose Place. I was much more likely to be found watching 7th Heaven or Blossom. I definitely didn’t know what I was missing. Last night’s premier episode included a murder, blackmail, a proposal and a romantic date complete with a very awkward proposition.

Fergie Turnpike Pump

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz made her return to the small screen as Violet, a new tenant at the Melrose Place apartment complex. I really like Ashlee, and was excited to see her on the cast list for the new series. A few of my friends, however, felt a little differently. Their general consensus was that she wasn’t quite up-to-par with her acting abilities. I thought her character was meant to be a little more timid and awkward. A recent interview with Ashlee seems to support my theory. Did anyone else catch the premier? How did you think she did in her new role?

Rampage Gracie Pump

Ashlee is pictured with two of her co-stars at the Melrose Place Launch Party this past August. Jessica Lucas (left) plays Riley, a seemingly sweet character in a long-term relationship with a hopeful filmmaker played by Michael Rady. Katie Cassidy (right) takes on the role of Ella, a sassy publicist who appears to have a crush on an unavailable friend. All three are shown wearing three versions of the same basic style – the black high heel dress shoe. No one ever said this classic style had to be boring!

Sam & Libby Sangria Sandal

If you’re interested in freshening up your own style, take a look at the Rampage Gracie Pump. It’s very similar to Ashlee’s style shoe – and at $49.95 it won’t break the bank! A black strappy sandal similar to Katie’s is available for the same price with the Sam & Libby Sangria Sandal. If you don’t mind spending a little more, the Fergie Turnpike Pump might be very you. It’s a close match to the style worn by Jessica.