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Metal Invades Men’s Footwear

Is there a dark time coming in men’s fashion?

No, no I don’t mean things are getting down or depressed in men’s fashion. Metal colors are back in style this spring and heading into the summer of 2011. Buckles, burnished leather, and gray tones are hitting the streets again. It’s kind of a throwback to the late ’80s when hair metal was all the rage. Rock and roll ruled the world and bands like Motley Crue, Guns ‘n Roses, and Bon Jovi were on top of the world.

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar photo courtesy of Jsome1

Today, guys are looking to that urban, gritty style for inspiration. The trends in th fashion world tend to be on a 20-25 year loop every so often. In the ’90s we saw boot cut and even bell bottom jeans making a comeback. One of my favorite shows from the late ’90s was That ’70s Show. It was great and the jeans, boots, and t-shirts had their influence on my generation.

Now we’re a few years down the road and it looks like the heavy metal period in the ’80s is making a little comeback especially in fashion.

Metal Shoes – Grays, Silvers, and Blacks

If you check out some photos of Bon Jovi, black is back in a big way. The guys in the band have been shaping their own style for 30 years now. Their music bleeds into their style. The gritty nature of some of their songs shows through in the grays, blacks, and silvers. There is of course the softer side of the hair metal days and it’s what the women seem to love – a guy that’s good deep down, but has a few rough edges.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Apple Tree Boot

Kenneth Cole Reaction Apple Tree Boot

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Buckles, burnished and shiny are back in fashion for 2011. With jeans these look great. It’s an extra detail that can make you stand out and look like you have that little edge. Something about the grays, buckles, and blacks make for a dangerous feel.

Harley Davidson Jayden Boot

Harley Davidson Jayden Boot

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Harley is known for their cool motorcycles. For decades they’ve been the best in creating cool machines. Their bikes look great with the chrome, metals, and blacks. It’s represented in their boots as well. Cool and edgy.

Ecco Iron Cap Toe Boot

Ecco Iron Cap Toe Boot

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Oil grain leather makes this have the urban, edgy feel. The cap toe adds a bit to the look as well. It’s the details in boots like this one from Ecco that make for that cool, metal style. What’s good about this style is the comfort and breathability that come with. Sure, that’s not too dangerous, but vintage style gets an upgrade in this case.

Steve Madden Consul Gray Sneaker

Steve Madden Consul Sneaker

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Even rockers like comfortable sneakers. Back in the ’80s the low cuts were big time. They were comfortable, cool and easy to wear with the tight jeans those guys wore back then. It’s a bit on the clean cut side, but the gray suede gives it a little…just a little edge.

Bonus Video: Livin’ On a Prayer