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Miley Cyrus Moves On – The Last Song

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I was surprised how much the trailer to The Last Song caught my attention. I’ve seen Hannah Montana – I know Miley Cyrus is a decent Disney channel style actress. I just wasn’t expecting her to be very enticing in a more serious role. I may have been wrong – the movie actually looks really good! 

Not only is Miley looking to get into the movie business, but it sounds like she may be doing so at the expense of her current career. It’s no surprise that Hannah Montana is ending. There is only so long a show about a teenager can last! What is shocking is Miley’s claim that she is done making music as well. I can’t imagine this revelation will be entirely true, but she is definitely letting the world know she is ready to grow up!

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Miley is pictured at the world premier of The Last Song with Liam Hemsworth – her boyfriend both in the movie and in real life. He may be new to show business, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him in the near future. A Nicholas Sparks’ film and a famous significant other can do wonders for a Hollywood newcomer! The pairing actually reminds me (and others) a lot of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosslin from The Notebook.

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While you may not be lucky enough to share in many other parts of Miley’s life, one thing you can copy is her style. A good place to start is with those sassy black pumps. There is a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that may do the trick – the Jessica Simpson Jessica pump. If you’re more of a peep-toe girl, I like the Unlisted Sewing Kit Pump.