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Modern Family Provides Fresh Comedy

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The past five years or so, I’ve really felt like there has been a lack of good, old-fashion sitcoms on tv.  The end of NBC’s Friends was a huge deal to me.  I was a freshman in college as the series was winding down and got into the habit of watching each new episode with the girls in my dorm.  Since finding out that Ross & Rachel did end up together and realizing that Joey’s spin-off was no substitute for the real thing, I haven’t found too many comedies that hold my attention the way Friends did.  Thanks goodness for ABC’s Wednesday night lineup’s sophomore season!  (NBC Thursdays are a close second.)

Steve Madden Crissyy Pump

I enjoy Cougar Town, love The Middle, and absolutely adore Modern Family. This last show follows an extended family through normal life situations with a humorous twist. The actors all fit their roles very nicely, and their mix of personalities plays well together. This show is amazingly funny, but don’t take my word for it! It was nominated for 14 Emmys after only one season on the air and walked away with six Emmy awards – including statues for Writing, Supporting Actor and Outstanding Comedy Series.

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Sofia Vergara (pictured above) plays the second wife of the family’s patriarch – Jay. With her good looks and much older husband, it would be easy to peg her character as the show’s trophy wife. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. There seems to be a great connection and compatibility between the two, with each offsetting the other’s more crazy personality quirks. It sounds like Sofia may have found something similar in her personal life. Rumors are circulating that she’s engaged to her boyfriend Nick Loeb. I’m not sure if the whispers are true or not, but the couple deserves some good news following Nick’s recent car accident!

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Be sure to catch the second season premiere of Modern Family this Wednesday night!  If you can’t wait that long, check out this extended preview of Modern Family’s next episode.