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Styling NCAA 2011 Basketball Shoes

It’s time for March Madness!

Hang TimeEverybody is hurrying this week to fill out there brackets. The 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is here and fans are ready for weeks of excitement.

The fun starts today as teams take the floor for the first half of of the first round. The games are always exciting with many coming down to who can perform the best under pressure with only seconds remaining on the clock.

Many fans cheer for the upsets and the Cinderella stories. There always seems to be at least one school that catches lightening in a bottle and makes it to the Sweet 16 or even the Elite 8.

With all the excitement over the brackets some people almost forget about the style involved in the games. There are always the teams that catch the attention of fans for their flashy uniforms and matching shoes.

Shoes are a big deal to the players too. The players of Oakland University are ready to show off their new shoes this weekend.

NCAA 2011 Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes may not take center stage this weekend, but be on the lookout for the latest style in athletics. The big brands are out to show their stuff on basketball’s biggest spotlight this tournament season.

Reebok Zig Slash

Reebok Zig Slash

Shop: Reebok Zig Slash

These shoes remind me of the big basketball shoes of the early ’90s. The shoes were big and flashy back then. Some even had little orange basketballs on the tongue for additional jumping ability. 😉 These new shoes from Reebok are designed for complete support, flexibility, and durability. A basketball player’s ankles are constantly at the risk of twisting and turning so a good pair of high tops is essential.

adidas Superstar 3G

adidas Superstar 3G

Shop: adidas Superstar 3G

I remember playing high school basketball while wearing adidas Superstars. The classic design is still popular today in the 3G updated version. These shoes provide the support of a high top while allowing for more flexibility of a mid height basketball shoe. I loved wearing these back all those years ago and they’re only getting better each year.

adidas Commander Lite TD

adidas Commander Lite TD

Shop: adidas Commander Lite TD

These shoes are extremely popular and well reviewed on ShoeMall. The style is great and people seem to be loving them for basketball and casual use.

From a customer:

I purchased these shoes for my 20 yr old son.Not only do they look great but He said they were VERY comfy! He really likes these shoes!

Hang Time image courtesy of *sean