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Ode to Ugly Betty

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All the hoping in the world couldn’t prevent the cancellation of Ugly Betty. I knew the show was in trouble, but hoped my favorite fictitious magazine wasn’t going anywhere. I figured the move to ABC’s Wednesday night comedy lineup would at least buy them some time, but in the end it barely bought two more months of episodes. After four seasons on the air, Ugly Betty will officially end this April.

I didn’t watch the show when it first came out, but over the past couple of seasons I’ve come to love the characters. Betty’s optimism, self-respect and compassion for others help to make her a wonderful role model for tween and teen girls – something that’s often missing in pop culture today. I enjoyed watching her fashion sense evolve, even while she stayed true to her own style (including hanging on to her ‘Betty necklace’). This is something that women of any age can learn from. There’s nothing better than taking a current trend you’re comfortable with and adding your own personal spin.

Born Peony Flat

As sad as I am to see the show end, I’m excited to see how the writers will close the series out. Will Betty’s fashion transformation continue? Will she finally be able to write about the important issues she thinks should be addressed in a national magazine? Will Hilda and Bobby‘s relationship last, or is he hiding a criminal secret? Will Amanda find a way to move up from the reception desk, following the example set by Marc in last week’s episode? I can’t wait to find out!

Moda Spana Quasa

For a show about a fashion magazine, Betty sure seems to end up in some pretty crazy costumes. Wondering how I’m going to beautify the shoe choices in the photo above? I’m not! Sorry Betty – even we don’t know how to save elf shaped booties. One thing that did strike me about this shot, which comes from an episode of Ugly Betty this season, is the color scheme. Both Betty and Marc are wearing two of the colors released by Pantone as Spring 2010 fashion trends – Tomato Puree and Pink Champaign. Using these color trends in your footwear is a great way to incorporate them into your wardrobe. I really like the Born Peony Flat as a Tomato Puree option. For the Pink Champaign look, I would suggest the Moda Spana Quasa Pump.  (Check out Andrea’s article on 2010 Trends for more great fashion suggestions!)