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Olympic Glory

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The Winter Olympics are back! Some years I really get into the games, and some years I don’t. This year – I’m loving it! I was looking forward to watching speed skating, but have found myself interested in a lot more than just this. Skiing and snowboarding have really caught my attention, and I have even found myself fascinated by the game of logic that is curling. (Shocking, I know!)

Although I have dabbled in many sports, I am definitely not what anyone in their right mind would call an athlete. Watching these contestants going up against the best of the best in their sports drives this point home even more. It’s hard to imagine finding the drive, grit and sheer determination to train as hard as these athletes must in order to reach such a high skill level.

Steve Madden Spiin Sandal

The men’s and women’s snowboard halfpipe events were incredible to watch. The flips, grabs, spins and twists were awe inspiring to me. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have the courage to push myself to the speeds and heights that these snowboarders reach! Although it would have been nice to see the US sweep the podium in either event (as the announcers kept hoping for) it was still pretty cool to see our athletes winning 2 of the 3 available medals in each event.

Zigi Friend Sandal

Gretchen Bleiler was one of the US competitors in the women’s halfpipe last night. Although she did not receive a medal, it wasn’t for lack of trying. While she was a favorite going into the finals she just couldn’t seem to finish a clean run, crashing on both of her two attempts. It’s too bad she didn’t win a gold medal to pair with her silver from the 2006 Turino games. It also would have gone well with the gold sandals she’s pictured wearing above! If you’re looking for something similar, check out the Steve Madden Spiin Sandal. The Zigi Friend Sandal also carries through a similar style, with a touch of one of spring’s most fashionable shoe trends – understated studded details!