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Pregnant Celebrities Everywhere

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What a month for celebrity baby bump watchers! In the past week or so, over a dozen Hollywood stars have announced their pending journey into parenthood. It seems like every time I pull up a celebrity gossip site or glance at a gossip magazine there is a new starlet aglow with her pending bundle of joy. With new announcements coming fast and furious, today seems like the perfect day to recap who’s expecting a new baby in the new year.

Keen Zuma Sandal

One of the things I’ve found most striking about this latest round of new parents-to-be is how many of them seem to be names from my adolescence. Victoria Beckham, of Spice Girls fame – also known as my favorite band in 7th grade. Jewel, singer of Who Will Save Your Soul and the album Pieces of Me – quite possibly my favorite CD in middle school. Tia Mowry, co-star of Sister, Sister – one of my must-watch shows during the mid-90s. Alicia Silverstone, star of Clueless – the first ‘teen’ movie I can remember watching. Selma Blair, co-star of Cruel Intentions – a movie my friends and I adored.

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I’m not sure what it means, that all of these stars from my childhood are having children of their own. It’s actually pretty neat to see so many of them in the headlines again. I hope their pregnancies treat them well and we see another rash of stories this summer announcing the arrival of healthy new babies. They will be joined by new offspring from Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Owen Wilson, Jennie Finch, Devon Aoki, Jane Krakowski, Kevin James and Marion Cotillard. I hope the hospitals in Hollywood are ready!

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