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Pushing Daisies Outstanding Supporting Actress – 2009 Primetime Emmys

Kristin Chenoweth Takes Home Emmy
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I never really thought of Pushing Daisies as a must see primetime show, but I must say that I did enjoy all the episodes that I did take the time to watch. I always felt it would make a better movie rather than a TV series just because it seemed to fit my movie-type: The romantic comedy and an added bonus… with a fairy tale twist. Recently, I have heard more conversations that there may be a movie in the works sometime soon. Let’s cross our fingers for that to actually happen.

I was so proud of Kristin Chenoweth for winning an Emmy this past Sunday, it was so nice to see her get the recognition she deserves for her performances on the show. I just heard earlier today that she was ill backstage at the Emmys with a severe migraine headache. Ouch! For those of you who have suffered with one of them yourselves or know something who has, this would definitely not be a good, especially on Emmy night in front of millions of people. Who knows, with her Emmy speech, we might see Kristin pop up on Mad Men one of these days.

Nina Fortune $99.95
Nina Fortune $99.95

Not sure if you can tell she is ill from the picture above, but I definitely can’t! She is looking absolutely stunning in her glitzy glamwear from her fabulous dress down to her heels. The Nina Fortune can be found on ShoeMall for a fraction of the cost at $99.95. Cheers Kristin!