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Puss In Boots Should Inspire Kids to Wear Boots

Puss In BootsThe feisty cat is back.

Puss In Boots makes his big screen starring debut in the new Dreamworks film of the same name. The lovable and hilarious cartoon character from the Shrek movies is now taking on an entire film.

Antinio Banderas is back to voice the character as the orange kitty goes on a daring treasure hunt. All along the way there appear to be some misfortunes and plenty of funny moments.

Kids are sure to love this one and there might even be a few laughs for the parents as well.

Puss In Boots Movie

The new Puss In Boots movie has been a long time in the making. The Puss In Boots character debuted in Shrek 2 back in 2004. The character kind of stole the show from the title character and other supporting roles. Puss was hilarious. He had the accent, the attitude, and all the funny lines. The lovable cat became a star and it was only a matter of time before the feature flick came along.

It took seven years, but audiences will now have the treat to watch Puss In Boots carry the entire film on his own. I think things will go well and Dreamworks will have another giant hit on their hands.

Puss In Boots…Boots

As happens often with movies, kids will likely want to pretend they are heroes like Puss In Boots. Those magical boots will be showing on kids’ feet. Puss features a great pair of black boots from the old days, but there are plenty of great boots available this fall season that kids should find just as effective as they chase after their own treasures.

Carter’s Boys Carver

Carters Boys Carver

They aren’t exactly like the boots Puss will wear in the new movie, but these black boots are great for your own little adventurer. They are easy to slip on and off. They’re durable and will work great in cold weather. These are sure winners. You’ll just have to let your boy know they’re just like the ones from Puss In Boots.

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Ariat Boys Rambler

Ariat Boys Rambler

These are cowboy boots. Kids have always loved them. I remember going through a cowboy boot phase as a kid (actually I never grew out of it). Now they can double as great boots for being just like the cartoon cat in the new movie.

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Volatile Girls Remi

Volatile Girls Remi

Girls definitely win out with boots that look like they’re from the Puss In Boots movie. These have great buckles and are black just like the ones from the film. These are sure to work as boots for adventures and boots for the cold weather season.

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Carter’s Girls Villas

Carters Girls Villas

Once again, the girls win. These boots from Volatile are perfect for Puss In Boots. The girls can join in all the fun and chase down their own imaginary treasures just like the hero from the movie. You can’t miss out on these as they’re great for all the snow and mud this winter.

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Puss In Boots Trailer