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Reese Witherspoon Loves Her Cowboy Boots

Boot ShackI’ve always like Reese Witherspoon.

She comes off as a talented, beautiful, and charming actress. She did a great job in Walk The Line, obviously since she won the Academy Award. My girlfriend usually gets me to go see the romantic comedies and I have to say I kind of enjoyed How Do You Know and Four Christmases. I haven’t seen Water For Elephants yet, but I’m hearing good things.

Speaking of the elephants, Reese was on Ellen recently discussing the circus movie based on the popular novel. The movie is doing well so far in the box office. On the show Reese also gave a little insight into her wardrobe for her wedding.

It turns out she wore cowboy boots during the reception.

Reese Witherspoon Wedding Cowboy Boots

I think it’s great Reese wore cowboy boots. I like to think of myself as a bit of a country guy and I think it’s cool when girls wear boots too.

Reese didn’t share what boots she had on specifically, but I thought I’d give a few options of the latest in cowboy boots for women…

Ariat Heavenly Tawny

Ariat Heavenly Tawny

Shop: Ariat Heavenly Tawny

Here’s a cool new style from Ariat. They’ve been coming out with some great women’s boots for a long time. These have the contrast cross pattern on the sides and on the top of the foot. They have the look and feel of a classic cowboy boot with all the best of today’s comfort features.

Frye Taylor Short

Frye Taylor Short

Shop: Frye Taylor Short

This Frye boot is classic looking. There isn’t much detail on this one, but there doesn’t need to be. If you’re looking for a stylish, classic looking boot this is the perfect fit for your outfit. This will add the perfect cowgirl touch to your outfit this summer.

Volatile Denver

Volatile Denver

Shop: Volatile Denver

Volatile is another good one for the cowgirl boot trend. The pattern on the side has the classic and cool design to make you stand out a bit at your backyard parties this summer. Everyone knows the girl in the boots knows how to have a good country time.

Boot Shack image courtesy of lowjumpingfrog