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Shoes for the Royal Wedding

Big DiamondHas anybody heard about a wedding in Britain?

Just kidding 🙂

The Royal Wedding is happening soon and everybody in the world seems to be watching. As Kate and William prepare for their big day they have appeared in the public as a happy and joyful couple. Even with all the attention they seem to be as happy as ever about their upcoming marriage.

With the day getting closer the attention to detail is becoming more apparent. The public is starting to ask questions about everything from the guest list to the fashion.

And when we hear about fashion we know that includes shoes.

To celebrate the occasion and have a little fun with the process we thought we’d do our best to fit all the guests (plus a few surprises) with shoes for the wedding. Hopefully this “guide” will be useful as your continue researching the Royal Wedding.

And by all means feel free to share this anyone that loves the Royal couple.

Royal Wedding Shoes

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Royal Wedding Shoes

Diamond image courtesy of jurvetson