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A Royal Wedding in the Works for Will and Kate

Prince William of the United Kingdom is now engaged to marry his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton.

William proposed recently while the two were on vacation in Kenya. According to Kate the proposal was very romantic. The two kept details of the proposal to themselves, but did share that it was a special moment.

The two sat down with cameras during their press conference and discussed the engagement.

From Kate and William break their silence about royal engagement

Royal Wedding

It’s interesting to note that Will seems like he had to build the courage to ask Kate. He even discusses the difficulties surrounding the asking of her father for permission.

It’s kind of refreshing to know that asking someone to marry you is even a bit unnerving for a prince.

The two appear to have a connection. They seem comfortable together. They’ve been together eight years now and there have struggles along the way as with any relationship. The added factor of a royal relationship definitely added even more scrutiny for both William and Kate over the years, but they now seem ready to take the step.

The ring seems quite special. It’s William’s Mother’s ring – Princess Diana. She was loved by the world for her character and kindness.

Royal Fashion

The two are dressed to impress. The sharp suit on William and the beautiful royal blue dress for Kate. The two have a modern yet classic style. I’m sure they’ll be stunning in front of the camera for many years to come.

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