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Sandal Trend 2012: Covered Heels in Prints and Patterns

Hit the Beach this Summer

Are you ready for summer?

The summer sandals are starting to arrive.

The shelves are filling up with new styles for 2012. It’s a good year to like color and interesting prints and patterns. Brands have come up with some great new women’s sandals this year and everybody seems to be excited.

One of the trends that is really standing out amongst all the new styles is a covered wedge or heel. To go beyond just being covered, brands are adding some interesting touches to the covered portion of the sandals.

Covered Bottom Sandals for 2012

The trend is cool. Designers have added some interesting patterns and designs to this year’s new sandal lines. These interesting details should give you something a little extra to add to your look this year. The summer is all about showing off your personality and style and these patterns really do that well.

Rocket Dog Clara

Rocket Dog Clara Sandal
Rocket Dog Clara

This style from Rocket Dog is great. The color is amazing and could really go with any outfit. You can go with neutral tones and then have your sandals pop with color. The striped pattern adds something a little extra for those really looking for extra details.

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Big Buddha Quip

Big Buddha Quip Sandal
Big Buddha Quip

Here is something really cool from Big Buddha. The boxes pattern on this sandal make the ordinary into something special. You’ll love the detail on this sandal and everyone else will find themselves staring.

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Volatile Indio

Volatile Indio Sandal
Volatile Indio

Volatile is always on the cutting edge of style. This one really has some neat design. I’m not sure who designed this sandal, but it has to be one of the best of 2012 so far. The detail is great. It can be that standout piece in your collection this summer.

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Beach courtesy of Vince Alongi