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Sandra Bullock’s Secret Son

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Sandra Bullock has had a tough time of late. I’m sure most people are aware of the issues she has been having in her marriage to Jesse James. I’ve spent the last couple of months hoping that some good news would be coming her way, while the whole time she has been keeping a joyful secret – make that a bundle of joy secret! 

According to, Sandra and Jesse were in the process of adopting a newborn son named Louis from New Orleans when allegations that Jesse had been cheating on her surfaced. Although Louis had been living with the couple since January, Sandra decided to continue the adoption process on her own. People’s cover shot this week features the new mom with her son and I have to say he is adorable! Congratulations Sandra!

One of the things that strikes me most about this story is that Sandra was able to keep this a secret for so long. This is especially shocking when you consider the increased scrutiny she has had to endure over the past two months. With all of the public attention many stars face on a daily basis, I’m glad she was able to enjoy this part of her life without having to share it with the general public until she made the decision to do so.

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