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ShoeMall’s Facebook Halloween Costume Contest Winner

WinnerShoeMall is proud to announce this year’s “Facebook Halloween Costume Contest” winner – Amanda Mattefs! She won a $100 Gift Certificate from Herself and three of her friends dressed up as the Wizard of Oz clan, and they even had an appearance by the Wicked Witch. 😉 They updated the classic costumes of Dorothy, The Classic Wizard of OzTin Man, The Scarecrow, and The Cowardly Lion into these hot, trendy looks! These ladies were completely decked out from their heads to their toes, and if you would have run into them Halloween night you may have seen them actually “acting” their parts. The Tin Man doing the robot, The Cowardly Lion doing the “putama putama” boxing dance, The Scarecrow was all gangly and frolicking, and Dorothy would just kind of stand there, singing occasionally!

1st Place

We had 34 entrants for this year’s contest, and some really great costumes.  A big “Thank You” to all that participated! If you aren’t yet, you should really be ShoeMall’s friend on facebook and ShoeMall’s fan… we have lots of great things right around the corner for this holiday season!