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ShoeMall’s Twitter Halloween Contest Winners

Congrats to the winners of ShoeMall’s Twitter Halloween contest!

We will be dressing in the most popular costume suggestion on Friday, October 30th – keep an eye on our Twitter account for pictures.

In the meantime, take a look at some costume suggestions from our winners – you might get some good dress up ideas for yourself!  Our fashionistas have even provided some matching shoes for each idea to get you started:

@theycallmeShua – Storm Trooper
@pelletposy – Zombie
@BriansWifey05 – Ms. Freddie Krueger
@raven_1884 – Prison Bride
@NeboBeads – Naughty Monkey Boot
@lifeonprint – Lance Armstrong
@lambchop1965 – Firefighter
@JK8675309 – Fruit Basket
@XxShooraxX – Roman Gladatrix
@hondaray6 – Pig in a Blanket
@Luckycat7 – Oscar Statuette
@awwyeahoz – Korean Taco
@t42vek20 – Hobbit
@MyBellaMia – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
@zanvia – Big Foot

Keep an eye out for more chances to win – we have another contest coming soon!