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Simon Cowell has a new show, same shoes?

What makes a person memorable?

SingerFor most of us we look past the things we can’t change like height. For Simon Cowell his height has been in the news before particularly due to the fact he’s been spotted in heeled shoes.

Now, I’m sure most people don’t really care if Simon is adding an extra inch or two to his height. He’s officially listed at about 5′ 8″ or 5′ 9″. That’s the average height for most guys. The topic comes to light more when the heels come into play.

Simon was again spotted recently wearing his favorite men’s heeled shoes. He’s back in action with a new show. The show even includes a familiar face…Paula Abdul.

What do I think of Simon’s heels?

To me it’s not a huge deal if he wears them or not. We all have our own little things we do to our appearance. We all have our perceptions of how others perceive. I think for the most part we over think what others think of us. They’re usually too busy worrying about how we think they look to think about how we look.

That’s a confusing sentence. 🙂

Anyway, if propping himself up an extra inch or so makes Simon confident then the shoes are serving their purpose. That’s what clothes do when you really think about it. Clothes and shoes give us comfort. They give us an appealing look. They make us feel good.

And looking beyond the heel I think Simon has good taste in footwear…

Simon Cowell’s Shoes in 2011

In the articles linked above you can see Simon likes his black dress shoes. It’s a classic look with a bit of flair. The pointed toes are a little more modern in a sense. Most Idol watchers know Simon is particular about looking like he doesn’t care much about his attire. He wears his tee shirts with jeans just about every time he’s in public. I think I’ve seen him occasionally wearing a jacket. It’s kind of the modern man casual look. The black shoes give it a little classic touch with a bit of flair.

Here are a few current styles of men’s black dress shoes similar to those Simon wears…mostly non-heeled.

Giorgio Brutini 80575

Giorgio Brutini 80575

Shop: Giorgio Brutini 80575

I can’t quite tell from the pictures in the linked articles above if Simon wears slip-ons or boots. Either way it seems he likes the style toe that’s rounded at the top. After looking through the selection there are quite a few men’s shoes today with toes pointed up almost like elf shoes. Simon goes the more classic look and I’d have to agree with his taste. These boots from Giorgio Brutini seem similar to what Simon wears. They even have a bit of a heel.

Calvin Klein Malcolm

Calvin Klein Malcolm

Shop: Calvin Klein Malcolm

Here is the slip-on version of the style shoe Simon wears. It’s the classic style men’s black dress shoe. It goes great for dress occasions and for casual wear. Like Simon, you can wear this with jeans and a tee shirt. I personally have a pair similar to these and they go great for casual or dress.

Stacy Adams Marcello

Stacy Adams Marcello

Shop: Stacy Adams Marcello

These shoes I do not have. They’re a bit more out there in terms of flair. They have the croco print all over for extra zip. They’ll for sure make you stand out whether you’re dressed up or going casual.

Singer image courtesy of flo and me