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Style Alert: Skechers Bobs and TOMS

Have you seen Bobs and Toms on people’s feet?

Skechers BobsThey look a little funky. The style actually dates back many years. It’s a loafer style slip-on shoe that looks comfortable and laid back, but isn’t exactly fashion forward. For the person looking for a comfortable shoe with no frills or fuss, Bobs and Toms appear to be the trick.

I don’t know if the trend started with the hipsters or what, but the laid back canvas shoes are becoming more popular with the general public. The story of Toms and Bobs have become reason enough to buy the shoes. For every pair of shoes purchased, the companies provide shoes to children all over the world that need them to protect their feet. It’s a great cause and has been a huge success.

Toms started in 2006, when their founder wanted to help kids find shoes. He created the company as his vehicle for providing those shoes. Skechers joined the party a few years later with the same business model and shoe design. There was a bit of controversy over the Skechers Bobs launch, but since both companies are providing shoes for those that need them the controversy has died somewhat.

Now, it seems the style of the Bobs shoes has become the big hit with folks everywhere. Women are wearing the shoes to run errands, to visit with friends, and for just hanging out. The shoes are becoming a fashion style as we head into 2012…

The Skechers Bobs Fashion Trend

Here is the story of Skechers Bobs:

Inspired by the South American alpargata shoe and the idea of gifting a pair with a purchase, we created the BOBS collection to help children worldwide.

Toms has a similar story.

Skechers Bobs ChillThe companies have taken a cue from classic cultures and have used the styling of their footwear to created an updated version of a comfort shoe. The result is the slip-on style so many people are wearing today.

It’s really incredible to see how these shoes have become popular. It reminds me of the Crocs explosion a few years ago. People really wanted something comfortable yet people also wanted something that was different. And that’s what fashion really is – something unique and fresh.

The trick with fashion is for a new style of shoes to also have some actual appeal for a specific style. When a person is wearing Bobs they are probably dressed in casual clothes like for going to the movies with friends or hanging out at a friend’s house to watch the newest episode of your favorite TV show.

Bobs seem to go great with rolled up jeans or a pair of capris. They can also work well with a skirt or a vintage dress.

The shoes really have an organic feel to them. They’re traditional and very simple in design. Well, the design is simple, but the designs and accents that are going with the shoes make it easy to personalize. It’s a great way to show off your unique style and stand out even if you’re dressing for casual get together occasions.


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