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Fall 2011 Women’s Shoe Trend: Sparkling Heels

DiamondIt’s all about the sparkles in 2011.

Previously, Laura discussed the sparkle shoe trend in her post including showings from Kim Kardashian. Now the sparkle trend is hitting even more areas of the shoe – specifically the heels. And by heels it looks like the really high heels that make for an instant fashion statement.

Sparkles will be on heels heading into the falls season. It’s a natural migration from the sparkles on the upper part of the shoe. Adding a little bling to the heel makes sense and when you see a few examples it really makes the shoe look special.

This is something you’re going to see more of as you head out on the town, to clubs, and to big events. Even celebrities will have these on the red carpets, at award shows, and even on the screen.

Sparkle Heel Trend 2011

Sparkles, studs, and metallic accents are all part of the heel trend for fall and winter 2011. There is a lot of shine and glitz going on around the fashion world. The new styles are just hitting the shelves and you’ll be seeing these everywhere.

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Chinese Laundry Hot Stones

Chinese Laundry Hot Stone

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Here is the perfect example of what you’ll see at the clubs this year. The sparkles are shining bright on the heel of this great shoe from Chinese Laundry. It adds so much more appeal to the shoe when the heel stands out and not just for being above 5 inches. It’s got the bling appeal. A great shoe for all events.

Diamond image courtesy of Athena’s Pix