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Kids Still Love Star Wars

Han Solo Fathead
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It’s been over 30 years since Star Wars hit the big screen.

The films and the empire of action figures, toys, memorabilia, video games, comic books, TV shows, and organizations that followed have allowed Star Wars to remain relevant with generations of fans.

Even though kids today were not alive when the original movie came out there is still demand for Star Wars. New cartoons, toys, and action figures have kept kids interested in a galaxy far, far away.

As you can see by the recent headlines below, Star Wars is very popular today…

Watch out George Lucas! Fans Recreate Star Wars Film

Lego gets a boost from ‘Star Wars’

Hasbro Releases Realistically Vintage Star Wars Action Figures

“Star Wars” week: behold, the Sith Lord tracksuit

A Remote Control Hailfire Droid For the Star Wars Fans

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ mixes old and new in its third season

George Lucas created an entire entertainment empire based on the characters he created and has had the unique ability to keep reinventing the characters and stories over the past 30 years. Now parents can reminise with their kids and perhaps even grand kids about the battle between the Jedi and the evil empire.

Star Wars Shoes

Realizing that Star Wars is as popular as ever, it should come as no surprise that Star Wars shoes are a hot item this back to school and holiday season.

With Clone Wars continuing as a hit cartoon this season there is no doubt kids will want to get their hands on the latest shoes to feature Star Wars.

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