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Steve McQueen: A Guy’s Guy in Guys Shoes

The King of Cool.

It doesn’t get much better for a guy than having that nickname. That’s just what people referred to when they mentioned actor Steve McQueen back in the ’60s and ’70s. He was the ultimate guys guy – respected for his physical ability and his confident attitude.

Steve McQueen movies ruled the box office during his heyday in the ’60s and ’70s. He drove the coolest cars (Bullitt), made the most daring escapes (The Great Escape, The Getaway), and knew how to handle a woman (The Thomas Crown Affair).

I came across this video montage of McQueen’s greatest movie moments and had to share…

Steve McQueen Movie Shoes

He was the ultimate cool guy and in his movies he not only entertained millions, Steve McQueen influenced the style of generations of men. Even today McQueen’s style influences guys looking for the ultimate cool look.

If you’re looking for the style, attitude, and class of The King of Cool there are a few footwear options you have to have. Here are some styles similar to ones McQueen wore in some of his greatest movies and TV Show…

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Justin Cowboy Boot

Justin Brown Cowboy Boot

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In this classic western TV show McQueen was able to intimidate anyone that stood in front of him. He took out nearly an entire gang of guys in the saloon with just a few swings, a glass of beer, and the draw of his gun. Now that takes courage. Even if we’ll never be back in the western days it doesn’t mean we can’t look cool in cowboy boots and jeans.

The Great Escape

Timberland Earthkeeper Boot

Timberland Earthkeeper Boot

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I loved this movie. I remember watching it with my dad when I was a kid. I was amazed by all the daring exploits on the motorcycle. It was cool back then and it’s still cool today. A pair of boots made for riding bikes is just the ticket to take on this classic tough guy style.

The Thomas Crowne Affair

Stacy Adams Concorde

Stacy Adams Concorde

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Steve McQueen knew how to handle the ladies. He was confident, had style, and always commanded the room. There is a classic scene in The Thomas Crowne Affair over a game of chess. You remember the one. A pair of stylish black dress shoes from Stacy Adams are the perfect throwbacks for classic dress.


Timberland Brown Chukka

Timberland Brown Chukka

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Every guy knows about the car chase scene in Bullitt. Women know about it too. It was awesome and McQueen was well known for doing most of the stunts in the movie himself. The cars were cool back then and so were the guys that drove them. Here is a pair of chukkas similar to ones seen in the movie.

The Getaway

Stacy Adams Madison Hi-Top

Stacy Adams Madison Hi-Top

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Not many people could grab a shotgun, shoot up a cop car and getaway from the scene. McQueen did it with style and anti-hero attitude. Guys loved it and woman did too. It was a classic movie with great style as well including shoes like these old school dress boots from Stacy Adams.