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Summer Trend Alert: Variety of Espadrilles

Take a Walk This Summer
Take a Walk This Summer

Do you have your espadrilles ready for this summer?

Earlier this year Karrie mentioned that espadrilles are a big trend again in 2012.

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We are now moving into summer and more styles are coming out. If you haven’t picked up your espadrilles yet there is no better time to start shopping.

Variety of Espadrilles for Summer 2012

There are lots of variations in espadrilles this season. The traditional espadrille is still popular, but to add more style to yours you can find different colors, accents and details. This summer you will see lots of espadrilles that cross over with other trends. It’s all about finding the right combinations to match your style and your outfit.

There are espadrilles for just about every casual summer occasion. If you’re still looking for the perfect sandal for you it’s time to check out the latest from some great brands.

Here are five new espadrilles, each with its own style.

Earthies Salerno

Earthies Salerno

What is different and what people are loving about this style from Earthies is the leather upper straps. You’ll often find espadrilles paired with fabrics, but it can look great with leather as well. There is even leather added in the wedge, which makes this sandal really stand out.

Shop: Earthies Salerno

Roxy Salerno

Roxy Salerno

It has the same name, but this is an entirely different shoe from Roxy. The rope goes all the way up the strap on this nautical espadrille. it’s a great twist on the classic espadrille style. You can easily fit in with two of summer’s most popular trends. This is the ultimate casual and cute sandal this year.

Shop: Roxy Salerno

Fossil Abagale

Fossil Abigale

Fossil has really come into their own style the last couple years. They are so much more than watches these days. With the Salerno, Fossil has found another great color combination for the espadrille. The straps are beautiful and will look great with the natural and organic look.

Shop: Fossil Abagale

Born Shay

Born Shay

Check out these baby blues. This is a new style for summer from Born. The Shay is at the intersection of slip-ons and espadrilles. If you’re looking for something that’s comfortable and a little funky, the Shay is perfect. This shoe will make a style statement when you’re out hanging with friends. It can go from the sidewalk to the mall to the beach. A great twist on the espadrille trend.

Shop: Born Shay

Aerosoles Well Wisher

Aerosoles Well Wisher

Here is the classic pump with a little twist; two twists in fact. You have the great color here on the pump from Aerosoles. The little bow on the instep is a great detail, but you also have the espadrille wedge. It’s a great combination of styles for the summer.

Shop: Aerosoles Well Wisher

Image Credit: Summer Roses

Where are you wearing your espadrilles this summer?