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Super Bowl 2011 Style

The football stars are buzzing this week in Dallas.

Cowboys StadiumSuper Bowl XLV is here. This week Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington are full of rabid NFL fans gathering in anticipation of the big game.

The Steelers and the Packers will face off in the 45th Super Bowl this Sunday evening and it’s sure to be a great game. Both teams have rich football tradition with the Steelers already owning 6 Super Bowls and the Packers owning 3 Super Bowls along with 11 NFL Championships.

Super Bowl 2011 Style

A big part of the Super Bowl is the increased exposure of the players to the media and the public. For the most part fans rarely get to see their teams’ players. The nature of the football helmet takes away some of the intimate nature of getting to know the players you cheer for every week.

During the Super Bowl, though, there is increased coverage of every move the players make. In the day when Twitter updates keep fans continuously updated on player news there is nothing fans miss regarding their team and players.

The players are aware of this and are sure to dress their best at all times. Suits are the norm when the players are traveling. Most players will have some snappy attire on when the cameras are there to greet them at the airport and at the hotel.

For Media Day things are a bit more relaxed. The players are able to wear their jerseys (no pads) as members of the media bombard them with questions.

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Game Prediction

I’m a Packer fan so I have to admit I’m pretty excited for the game. My prediction is 38 to 17, but that’s a bit hopeful and very biased.

Who do you think will win?

Cowboys Stadium picture courtesy of Cordey