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Super Bowl Bound Football Fashionistas

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I’m not going to lie – if the Packers aren’t in the Super Bowl, I only watch for the newest commercials. I love choosing a favorite from among the wacky, high-priced spots. I won’t turn down a good football feast either – bring on the chicken wings and chips! I can’t wait!

If I’m forced to watch a football game, the Colts versus the Saints isn’t so bad. I adore Peyton Manning. No, not for his athletic prowess, but for his funny bone! His turn as host on Saturday Night Live a few years ago was hilarious. I love seeing someone with that much talent able to make fun of himself on national TV. His mock-ad for United Way is definitely one of the funnier skits I’ve seen.

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A win by the Saints would bring the Lombardi Trophy to New Orleans for the first time. It’s also the team’s first appearance in the big game. An event like that is special no matter what team is behind it. I’m also impressed by the goodwill Drew Brees has shown his team and community. It’s hard to pick a favorite between these two teams!

There are a couple of Hollywood reality stars with a pretty big interest in the big game as well. Kendra Wilkinson will be cheering on her husband, Hank Baskett, as he plays with the Indianapolis Colts. She’ll be there with the couple’s young son, who will be sporting a bite size Colts jersey. Kim Kardashian has been in Miami the past couple of days supporting her on-again boyfriend Reggie Bush. I’m sure she’ll be hoping that Reggie will be able to help the Saints bring home the victory.

Rampage Dania Sandal

Not only do these two women have ties to Sunday night’s rival teams, they also seem to have completely different styles when it comes to their shoe choices. Kim is pictured above wearing her ubiquitous black stiletto pumps. Kendra is sporting a metallic silver sandal. From what I know about these two, the shoes pictured really reflect their personal style. Sexy and timeless versus flirty and fun. I think these choices mesh with their personalities as well!

Fergie Nacho Pump

If you are looking to copy Kendra’s style, take a look at the Rampage Dania Sandal. With a price tag of only $44.95, this sassy shoe is hard to beat. The four inch heel on the Fergie Nacho Pump make this an excellent choice if you’re more into Kim’s footwear. I also really love the textured look of this shoe.

So who do you want to win tomorrow night? And – more importantly – whose shoe style do you like the best? Let us know in the comment section below.