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The Amazing Spider-Man Returns (Along with Spidey Kids Shoes)


“We all have secrets: the ones we keep… and the ones that are kept from us.” Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man

Are you planning to see The Amazing Spider-Man in a few weeks?

The film has big expectations and fans seem eager for its release. The franchise was successful during its run over the past decade or so, but this movie is a complete re-boot and the focus seems to go back to the beginning with a teenage Peter Parker becoming the character people know and love.

If you walk around today you’ll probably notice that quite a few kids are fans of Spider-Man. There is something about the comic book hero that makes kids want to swing from tall buildings while protecting the people of the world. There are Spider-Man shirts and Spider-Man costumes.

There are even Spider-Man shoes and if your son or daughter is looking for some Spider-Man gear this summer then you’re in luck.

Stride Rite Spider-Man Sandal

Stride Rite Spider Man Sandal

Sandals are great for summer. The Spider-Man sandals from Stride Rite are loved by kids. They have the cool mask on the straps and are red and blue and really look cool. Kids will love showing off their new Spidey shoes to their friends.

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Stride Rite Spider-Man Lighted Shoe

Stride Rite Spider Man Lighted Shoe

I don’t know if there is anything cooler than shoes that light up. These are great shoes for kids and they’ll love the red mask on the top plus the lights. They might drive you a little crazy, but your kids will have a blast pretending to be their favorite super hero.

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Bogs Classic Hi Spiders

Bogs Classic Hi Spiders Boot

It’s never to early to get ready for the messy weather. Your son or daughter will loves these boots from Bogs. They have a great Spidey design and because they’re black they won’t get too messy (if that’s even possible).

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Image Credit: The Amazing Spider-Man