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The Bachelorette – A Tough Choice

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I can’t believe another season of The Bachelorette has come to an end! This season has been one of my favorites, but not necessarily because of the people on the show. Ever since college, my friends and I have gotten into the habit of getting together every Monday night for girl’s night centered around ABC’s infamous dating show. This year, we decided to turn it into an innocent competition – and Fantasy Bachelorette was born!

I have to admit we got the idea from our significant others’ participation in various fantasy sport leagues. We held a ‘draft’ before the first episode and selected our ‘teams’ based on the men’s bios on We came up with a list of common and not so common occurrences from past shows, assigned point values, and voila – we were in business! It was fun to go head-to-head against each other every week and see who came out ahead. For the record, my last team member standing was also my first round pick – Kirk!

Volatile Flapjack Sandal

Anyway, back to the show! (SPOILERS TO FOLLOW.) It’s not common for me to go into the final episode without a strong opinion on who should be the last man standing. Aside from Frank, I think Ali ended up with a strong final group of guys. Kirk, Roberto and Chris all seemed like genuine, caring, mature men. I was really torn about who should go home the last few weeks (again with the exception of Frank). I don’t know if it was ABC’s editing, or just wishful thinking but even on the fantasy suite dates I had no clue who Ali would pick.

Clarks Salon Bliss Sandal

The final episode was another story. It was pretty clear from the beginning of the show that poor Chris was going home. I was not surprised when she ‘broke the rules’ and skipped her final date with him. As sad as he was to leave her, I’m sure there were many single women on the East Coast who were not disappointed. It probably didn’t take long for the how-to-meet-Chris plotting to begin!

Each week, I look forward to reading – a hilarious recap blog about The Bachelor. This season on the blog, a lot of jokes were made about Ali’s fashion sense. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t really have a problem with her style. I loved her eighties influenced looks, unique rose ceremony dresses and knee high boots. Ali is pictured above at a recent Matt Leinart charity event. Although I wasn’t able to find a photo showing off her footwear, I can never resist the chance to offer some shoe suggestions!

Chinese Laundry Flashpoint Sandal

We all know that either Ali loves to wear yellow or ABC loves to put her in the sunny hue! Either way, a great option to give this casually neutral outfit a pop of color is with the Volatile Flapjack Sandal in yellow. This shoe is currently on sale for $33.99. Another fitting choice is the Clarks Salon Bliss Sandal in white. I have a very similar style Clarks put out last year – also in white – and it has been my favorite pair of comfy/cute sandals this summer! The Salon Bliss is on sale for $24.99. My last selection would be the Chinese Laundry Flashpoint Sandal. The jewels on this sandal are a fun accent and really help to make this shoe an option for both dressy and casual looks.