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The Beatles Go Digital

For various reasons there have been a few holdouts of the digital world among music artists.

For years The Beatles and their heirs have fought with record execs and most notably Apple iTunes over the rights to sell the Beatles’ extensive and popular collection of songs digitally. Today the songs became available online and all parties seem to be happy – for the moment.

Beatles Fashion

While it seems to be big news that Beatles tunes are now available for digital purchase, it’s interesting to note that this up tick in Beatles Mania could lead to some fashion influence.

The Beatles have been icons in pop culture for decades. Their style included clean cut suits, bowl haircuts, leather jackets, and a few others from the fun ’70s.

Through their heyday in the ’60s the guys in the band often wore proper dress shoes. Black and brown patent lace ups. There were also plenty of side zip boots and slip on boots it appears. Pointed toes can be seen in some of the old Beatles photographs too.

Will the new enthusiasm over The Beatles digital music lead to some fashion influence?


The guys were styling in their own way and as more generations of folks discover their music there are sure to be kids running around in slim suits and pointed boots.

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