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Thor’s Butt Kicking Boots

Have you seen the new movie Thor?

Thor BootsIt seems like it came out of nowhere to a be a surprise hit of 2011. The spring blockbuster is making huge bucks already in the US and across the world.

The reviews even seem to be positive.

The star of the show is Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. I personally had never heard of this guy before the trailers for Thor starting showing up. Somehow he’s able to pull of the character well and seems to have the confidence to step right into the superhero and superstar roll.

As you can see from the screenshot there are more than just a few scenes where Thor has to kick some enemy butt. And for a good butt kicking there is always the need for some good boots.

Thor Butt Kicking Boots

Any good hero needs a cool pair of boots. For guys out there doing a little less than butt kicking, a good pair of boots can go a long way. Some quality boots are good for most kinds of work: woods, construction, and just about anything else.

Durable. Quality. Tough.

Those are just a few words that should come into play when discussing some good guy’s boots.

Here are a few options.

Work America Six Inch Boot

Work America Six Inch Boot

Shop: Work America Boot

This is one of the highest rated boots on It’s tough. It’s durable. The guys that buy this boot buy it over and over again. They like the quality construction and the toughness it brings to the job.

Harley Davidson Mega Boot

Harley Mega Harness Boot

Shop: Harley Mega Boot

It’s night light, but no good butt kicking boot should be light. This one is meant for heavy duty work and riding. It’ll stand the test of time and with a name like Harley Davidson you know you’re getting quality.

Carhartt 3755 Boot

Carhartt 3755 Boot

Shop: Carhartt 3755 Boot

With Carhartt you know you’re getting quality work wear. This hardy boot is ready for any task.

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