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Fall/Winter 2013 Trend: Multi-Buckled Boots

We’re often told in life that anything in excess is never a good thing. However, boot buckles loosen up this season and break the rule for some good ole’ fashion fun – and so should you!

Simple boot styles are always a chic choice, but layering on multiple shoe candy accessories is also a hot and rising trend. That’s why multi-buckled boots are all over the fashion field and adding some much-needed rebellion to classic silhouettes.

Multi-buckled boots still pull off an aura of sophistication, but with an additional sassy punk appeal. Think military-chic with a feminine, avant-garde twist – or classics with a cutting-edge update. With so many styles and looks, you can choose a multi-buckled boot that fits your personal taste.

Who wants to be basic when you can be bold? Add a boot with a bevy of buckles to your style routine and get set to stand out from the classic crowds. Feel free to go a bit buckle-happy with our multi-buckle boot selections here at ShoeMall!

Michael Antonio Women’s Baxley Boot

Michael Antonio Baxley Boot

Buy Now: Michael Antonio Women’s Baxley Boot

Buckle up for an extremely daring fashion ride in this hot number! Seven full-length look-at-me buckles on the shaft make this Michael Antonio boot a true show-stopper. The soft two-toned sand and beige upper help cool down the eclectic buckle craze and give it an almost equestrian undertone. Wear this with neutrals or deep rich colors like burgundy or navy, and you’ll be one unique-chic lady!

Kensie Hamlin (Women’s)

Kensie Hamlin

Buy Now: Kensie Hamlin

A beautiful boot that’s super rich in detail – the Kensie Hamlin is a breathtaking work of art. Quilted woven leather and chic three-buckled hardware straps give this a definite rock ‘n roll urban flair. City girls will ooh and ah over this runway-worthy style – and you will enjoy going out on the town, on a date, or a shopping spree in upscale luxury!

Madden Girl Women’s Georgie Boot

Madden Girl Georgie Boot

Buy Now: Madden Girl’s Women’s Georgie Boot

You’ll be revving in motorcycle-chic style! Experience the rebellious side with rows and rows of eye-catching buckle straps with this boot. The metal feather-like accents on the straps incorporate a slight vintage bohemian touch. Although the impeccable details look pricey, this boot is a steal at only $79.95!

Coconuts Women’s Tyler Boot

Coconuts Tyler Boot

Buy Now: Coconuts Women’s Tyler Boot 

This boot has equal parts sweet and sass! You’ll be feminine but fierce in this glamorous metal studded, multi-buckled boot. It combines a little bit of country, rocker, and pop star all in one, and will keep you feeling sturdy and strong with whatever you choose to wear with it.

Michael Antonio Women’s Mackenna Boot

Michael Antonio Mackenna Boot

Buy Now: Michael Antonio Women’s Mackenna Boot

Buckles on buckles on buckles. . .this bootie is endless on style and creative sophistication!  You really can’t go wrong wearing this cool combat style. So much attitude is effortlessly packed into the Mackenna boot, and this is a great choice for the shy multi-buckle starter!

Main image courtesy of jpassionpat