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Could Trump be Telling Obama “You’re Fired”?

Trump President Shoes
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I’m sure you’ve heard the debate over whether or not Donald Trump is actually running for president, but is this true, or is it just a marketing scheme?

According to ABC News, Trump said he is serious about running as a Republican for the 2012 presidential election. I’ve heard both sides, but it sure does look like he’s serious about being the next Mr. President. From giving interviews to the political press, to speeches in Washington, he is making a valid effort to keeping his name in the media… but is that all he wants from this? To better brand the Trump name and create favorable publicity?

I should make it clear that the Trump’s business thrives on the name and the persona Donald carries – a ‘big shot’ who’s not afraid to be ambitious, resulting in nothing less than success. He sure is staying true to himself; I can’t think of much that is more ambitious than running for president.

Whether he is actually campaigning or simply marketing, Donald Trump is keeping his name in the headlines – an advantageous outcome, no matter the motive.

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Steve Madden Raddley
Steve Madden Raddley

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