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Twilight Eclipse Movie – Love It or Let Down?

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I finally got to see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse over the Fourth of July weekend.  I have to say, I was a little disappointed by the movie.  Once I finally agreed to start reading the Twilight books, I was hooked. I definitely love the characters and the stories, but they don’t seem to translate well to the big screen.  In fact, the only movie I’ve really liked so far has been New Moon. After watching it this past fall, I assumed that the movies would only get better – most likely because the studio would have reason to increase their budget each time!

I know not many people might agree with me, but the movie wouldn’t make much sense to people who haven’t read the books.  Sure – it hit the big, important parts but there were too many missing details.  It felt like a book report made into a movie.  I would have loved to see some of the history the third book delved into.  The Jasper and Rosalie scenes were good, but too brief in my opinion.  I guess I just wanted more throughout the film!

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Maybe I’m expecting too much.  After all, with books this gripping it’s going to be tough for any movie to live up to everyone’s expectations.  What did you think?  Was the third movie the best so far, as my friends seem to think?  Or was it a let-down for you as well? Do you think the movie(s) based on the fourth book will be any better? (I’m in the middle of this book right now – can’t wait to see how it ends but I don’t want to be done with the Twilight series!)

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Let’s turn to something a little less deep – fashion!  Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are pictured above at an Eclipse press event in Rome.  I wonder if they get to have a say in their own clothing for events like this, or if they have to wear what they’re told?  Whoever dressed them, they fit well with the beautiful garden they were photographed in.  (Although I have to admit I would love to see Kristen Stewart in something brightly colored someday!)

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If you’re comfortable taking fashion cues from a young werewolf and his unrequited crush, I’ve got some great suggestions for you!  Kristin has a classic pair of peep-toe black heels on. A great, inexpensive option if you’re looking for something similar is the Bandolino Once Again Pump. Personally, I think the Michael Antonio Kalo Pump is more her style.  If you like your shoes with a bit of an edge, I would suggest taking a chance on this heel.  It looks really high fashion and is still a steal at $67.95.  Taylor is sporting a pair of casual black lace-ups.  I would recommend the etnies Wraith Skate Shoe, especially for younger men looking for a pair of comfy kicks to go with a dress-casual look.

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