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VMAs 2011 Shoe Fashion Recap

Did you watch the VMAs last night?

Moon ManIt seems to be the buzz around the water coolers today. There were crazy outfits, big stories (did you hear Beyonce is pregnant?), and some pretty great looking women’s shoes.

The stars of the night were Beyonce, Adele, and Katy Perry. They were the big stories in a night filled with celebrities. It’s tough to stand out when everyone else at the show is a big celebrity too, but some stars just have what it takes to steal the show.

Here at the shoe factory we always focus on the stars’ feet. There were some great shots of what the stars were wearing and some insights into the upcoming trends…

MTV Video Music Award 2011 Shoes

Over the years the VMAs have had their share of defining moments. The stars usually work to make something crazy happen so they can live forever in Video Music Award lore. The legends of past shows live on forever and really become what people talk about most.

In other instances, the VMAs are remembered most for the performances. The stars work to put together a great stage show that entertains the people at the show and those watching at home on TV. There was one performance that really seemed to hit home with fans this year. It was not your traditional performance, but it packed the punch that left fans with a great memory. I’ll mention it here in just a bit…

Katy Perry

CandyLand girl was in full force at the 2011 VMAs. She made an impression with her style, her songs, and her big award wins. Katy Perry took home some of the night’s biggest awards and really became one of the memorable figures of this year’s show.

Shoe Alert: Katy Perry VMA Photo

Katy’s brightly colored footwear is definitely a fashion trend in the fall and winter of 2011. It went with her earlier style from early on in the year, but the bright colors continue to remain in style throughout this year and into next.

Similar Style: Fergie Quilla

Fergie Quilla

It’s not exactly the same, but this wedge/platform sandal is popular with others. Check out the shots from below.

Selena Gomez

Up and coming star Selena Gomez was dressed in a classy style at the VMAs. She had gold accents and it really made a vintage, classic statement about her fashion style.

Shoe Alert: Selena Gomez VMA Photo

The style is a little reminiscent of the ’80s – bright and shiny. It’s a great look that many can pull off.

Similar Style: J Renee Garbo

J Renee Garbo

The gold look is going to continue to see an uptick in popularity heading into 2012.

Britney Spears

The VMA staple for years was back in action this year. She’s been relatively quiet the last year or so except for making news with her music. Now she was back in action on the carpet gaining attention for her pretty reserved style this year.

Shoe Alert: Britney Spears VMA Photo

Spears was dressed in black and added a little height to her frame with some great looking platform toe shoes.

Similar Style: Carlos By Carlos Santana Rome Boot

Carlos Rome Boot

Spears has always been known to be a trend setter. She’s right on her game this year with these great looking shoes.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes made an appearance at the award shoe. She was in top form ready to promote her latest movie. She’s been in the news the last few years for her private life, but is still out looking to make noise for her professional life. Plus she’s looking good and in style with her footwear.

Shoe Alert: Katie Holmes VMA Photo

Katie was ready for fall sporting her suede shoes on the carpet at the VMAs. The style is going to be big again this winter. Remember: Suede rocks.

Similar Style: Volatile Twain

Volatile Twain

The Twain bootie has all the suede you need for this fall. It’s got the classic look with a few modern details like a fold over and even a big wedge to get you above the others in the crowd.


Adele stole the show for many women watching live and on TV. She stood there proud to be who she is. She belted out the words to her song with grace and class. She’s the real deal. No extra glitz. She let her performance do all the talking for her and she was the highlight of the night.

Shoe Alert: Adele VMA Photo

Adele is a classic woman with great fashion sense. You can never go wrong with black.

Similar Style: Van Eli Raymon

Van Eli Raymon

These shoes are great for dress comfort. They come in classic black with just a little added detail  on the toe.

Bonus: Adele at the VMAs 2011

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Moon Man image courtesy of fdecomite