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Watch from The Blind Side – A Fall Staple

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When I think of football and football movies, I don’t really think about fashion. There usually isn’t anything too stylish about a bunch of sweaty guys running around in twenty pounds of protective gear. Of course, The Blind Side doesn’t really fit the mold of a normal football story. Why wouldn’t it also go beyond the world of sports and step into the world of fashion? That’s exactly what happened when Sandra Bullock’s character sported ‘The Blind Side Watch.’

In the movie, Sandra wears a white, gem-encrusted, semi-chunky watch. From what I’ve been able to find out about this piece of jewelry, it normally retails for close to $300 – unless you’re looking for the Chanel version which sells for well over $3000! Since the movie’s debut, this watch has been all over. Celebrities, stylists and women everywhere have helped to make the watch from the Blind Side a huge hit. Heidi Montag from The Hills is pictured above showcasing this style as well.

Fossil Stella Watch

Although I love timepieces on other people, I’m not normally a watch person. My wrists are pretty small, and I always feel like watches just don’t really fit right. This style is actually a big plus for me. It’s meant to be loose on your wrist and seems to be a watch that fits just about anyone. The larger watch face and looser band ties in well with the boyfriend style that continues to be a big trend as we head into Fall 2010.

If you’re hoping to score something similar to the Sandra Bullock Blind Side watch, don’t let the potential $3000 price tag stop you. The Fossil Stella Watch is almost an exact replica, but comes in under $100. That’s what I call making a fashion statement.

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