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Fall 2010 Fashion Trend Alert: Wedge Boots

Autumn Park OrangeAccording to the stylish stylists at ShoeMall, Wedge Boots are going to be hot this fall season. Just like Over-The-Knee Boots , wedge boots are going to be everywhere.

The fashion experts at ShoeMall aren’t the only ones noticing the wedge boot trend. Celebrities, lead fashion editors for magazines and others are noticing the trend as well. These folks are the ones getting first sight of the latest trends. They get to take sneak peeks at the latest releases from today’s popular shoe manufacturers.

And the top manufacturers are planning for a big season of wedge boots. People seem to be falling in love with the styling and the functionality.

Wedge boots are one of this year’s hottest fall fashion trends…

Wedge Boots

Wedges boots and variations of booties, shooties, and slouch boots are a huge trend in Fall/Winter 2010. Wedge styles provides support and look great with tons of cold-weather outfits.

Here is just a sample of what the experts are saying about fall/winter wedge boots:

From the New York Times Must-Have Looks for Fall

RAJNI LUCIENNE JACQUES, fashion features editor, Nylon Magazine When fall rolls around, I get as giddy as a 12-year-old girl who has just seen a glimpse of Justin Bieber. This time around, what I’m jonesing for are three particular items: a bomber jacket from Burberry, wedge booties from Alejandro Ingelmo, and a structured bag that looks great while holding all my stuff from Mulberry. The Burberry jacket is pure perfection with its shearling-lined giant-collar, leather straps, and buckle detail. This oversize cropped concoction is the No. 1 item I lust over. Next up on the list is Alejandro Ingelmo’s Cece boot. It’s a suede wedge with buckle detail — I love a good buckle detail — that goes effortlessly with a jeans-and-T-shirt ensemble or a sexy little black dress (the new line Penumbra has plenty of them). Oh, and I would like to get my hands on the Alexa Chung Mulberry bag. It’s the perfect accessory to round out my fall selection.

From Great Finds: Cooling Trends

Wedge-heeled boots will be everywhere once the weather turns cool; a peep-toe leather version can be worn with Bermuda shorts and flowy maxi-dresses until then. Meanwhile, a short version of a tall riding boot will instantly update your best jeans-and-T-shirt ensemble.

From The Sunday Paper Falling back on fashionable favorites


Forget stiletto-style heels. Boots are reaching new (and far more wearable) heights this season with wedge bottoms. The chic-est options stop just at or above the ankle. Never has a wedgie been so comfortable!

Black Wedge Boots

Black goes with just about any outfit. You’ll be seeing lots of black wedge boots, booties, slouch boots and other variations of the popular styles this season. When the primetime TV shows come back on for the fall season keep a look out for your favorite stars. Chances are you’ll see quite a few wedge boots paired up with the classic fall and winter apparel.

Mephisto Women’s Ceren Boot

Shop: Ceren Boot

Mephisto Women's Ceren Boot

This black wedge boot is luxurious and stylish. The black patent leather glistens and shines like a new dime. You’ll be sure to stand out at all of the important fall and winter events. The black is perfect for all types of apparel. For dressy occasions and even a few casual outings these wedge boots will work perfect this fall season.

Suede Wedge Boots

Suede is always a great fall fashion item. Wedge boots with suede uppers will be popular this season as celebrities and your friends head out to shop and meet with friends. Suede goes well as a dress or casual style and it look the part when paired with your favorite cold-weather coat or jacket.

Chinese Laundry Women’s At Once Bootie

Shop: At Once Bootie

Chinese Laundry Women's At Once Bootie

This boot will look great with all cold-weather outfits. Jeans would be a great match and even some more dressier outfits would look smashing with these suede booties from Chinese Laundry. We all know that wedge boots are hot for fall/winter 2010 and suede is always a great way to stay stylish in the colder months. Be sure to include these in your attire this fall.

Steve Madden Women’s Dessertt Oxford

Shop: Dessertt Oxford

Steve Madden Women's Dessertt Oxford

It is classified as an oxford, but we’re going to include it in this collection of wedge boots. Steve Madden shoes are extremely popular year round, but these are perfect for the fall season. The upper is suede leather for a great look. The desert boot is perched up on a classic wedge for extra support this season. The sole is rubber to keep you grounded this fall when things get a little slippery or uneven. Pair these fashionable wedge boots with just about any brown tone for a great looking ensemble.

Autumn Image courtesy of cookipediachef