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Winter Games Opening Ceremony

2014 Winter Olympics - XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi - "Dreams of Russia" Opening Ceremony
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One of the greatest sporting events is currently underway in Sochi, Russia: the Winter Games! Athletes from around the world have gathered together to compete for their chance at winning gold.

Everyone gets excited about watching the Winter Games – I love seeing all of the athletes from around the world! All of the competitors are incredibly talented, and it’s a huge honor to be in the Games. It’s an even bigger honor to be the hosting city and country.

The Winter Games always open with the grandest of ceremonies, and this year’s was right on par. Russia enlightened the world with a ballet narrating the country’s history. The ballet was beautiful and, in my opinion, showed everyone the physical and emotional hurdles that the country has gone through in the past. As always, an athlete from the hosting country runs into the stadium with the official Games torch. This year, Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova had the honor of this role.

Shortly after, all of the countries’ teams began to parade through the stadium as a sign that the games were about to begin. Team USA looked great in their uniforms, supplied by famed American fashion designer Ralph Lauren (read more about the uniforms here).  All of Team USA wore white pants, USA-themed sport coats, and black military-style boots with red laces. They all looked incredibly happy to be there, and who wouldn’t be?

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