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Shoe Trend 2011: Women’s Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are back in style.

Boat RopeThroughout the summer of 2011 women have been bringing out boat shoes. It’s been a surprising trend. Boat shoes have been around for decades. The trend was even expected to be big for men this summer. But the women decided to get in on the act as well.

Some of the top brands in the industry have been beefing up their offerings of women’s boat shoes all summer and it looks like the trend will continue through the fall and into 2012. We are seeing more boat shoe styles come in for fall.

Women’s Boat Shoes Trend 2011 and 2012

The boat shoe trend is just gaining steam. Even when I go places like the golf course I’m seeing girls and women sporting boat shoes. I think it has to do not only with the style, but the comfort. Boat shoes are light, durable, waterproof, and made to last. The style has always been its own and it seems women are coming around to the nautical theme for 2011.

Here are a few styles you can consider this fall.

Roxy Georgie

Roxy Georgie

Shop: Roxy Georgie

Boat shoes don’t have to be low to the ground anymore. This new style from Roxy gets your heel up and off the ground. It’s a cute little unique style that adds a little extra design feature to the classic boat shoe. I’m starting to think women like the tones in boat shoes. There are always at least two or three colors that make for an interesting style.

Sperry Top-Sider Montauk

Sperry Montauk

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Sperry has been the king…queen of boat shoes for ages. They may have been the originals. In 2011 they’re still coming out with the best, most comfortable and stylish boat shoes around. This style offer classic looks with updated details like the soft premium leather and the EVA sole.

Easy Spirit Travel Rio

Easy Spirit Travel Rio

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This style has been around for a couple seasons, but the unique take on the classic boat shoes still seems unique. Easy Spirit is known for their slip-ons and clogs. This was their offering for the boat shoe trend and it’s been a huge hit. The colors are bright and the comfort beats just about anything else you could find. It’s perfect for any season.

Boat Rope Image Courtesy of visualpanic