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Hot Trend in Women’s Shoes: Saddles Shoes 2011

Saddle ShoesDo you own a pair of saddle shoes?

Maybe the better question would be, ‘Have you ever owned a pair of saddle shoes?’. You may have to think back to your elementary school sock hop or the high school throwback dance to remember the last time you wore a pair of saddle shoes.

These days, though, you might be missing out on one of the hottest trends in women’s footwear. Saddle shoes are back in style and more women each day are catching on to the trend.

Women’s Saddle Shoes 2011

What’s always been great about the saddle shoe is the contrasting colors. The most common contrast pattern even today is the black and white version. There are tons of other combinations including just about any color paired with black, brown, white, and even tan and gray.

It can be fun to match a pair of tan and baby blue saddle shoes with a favorite skirt and top.

You should be seeing more of the saddle shoe as we leave the summer months and head into Fall 2011. The saddle is back in style and the suede versions will start showing up as people bring out the fall and winter fashion. I think the saddle shoe gives people a little reprieve from the typically boring fall and winter season by adding a little splash of color contrast to any outfit.

Bass Glenbrook

Bass Glenbrook

Shop: Bass Glenbrook

Here is a great update to the classic saddle shoe. There is a three inch stacked heel for extra appearance. The contrasting color is black and white. This shoe will go with anything you have in your closet for dress or even casual occasions. This style will add some punch to your fall and winter attire and will sure grab a few extra looks for your next evening out or big event.

Bass Enfield

Bass Enfield

Shop: Bass Enfield

This style from Bass comes in all kinds of color combinations. You’ll be able to find the perfect pair to match your weekend attire. Try the denim and white style for something a little fun and different. You’ll stand out in the crowd and even give off that feeling of throwback sophistication. Look your best and show just how much you respect the fashion classics.

Dr. Martens Rafi

Dr Martens Rafi

Shop: Dr. Martens Rafi

Dr. Martens gets in the saddle shoe game with their version – the Rafi. It’s got the classic saddle shoe look with a few touches that let you know it’s Dr. Martens. The Rafi is durable and constructed well. Because it’s from Dr. Marten you know you’re getting a strong and sturdy shoe. It’s perfect for casual or dress events. You can put a little extra zip in your step this fall when you step out in these saddle shoes.


Will you be sporting a pair of saddle shoes this year?

The style is getting more popular, but will it take over the fashion scene? We aren’t sure if this trend will really take off, but as the fall approaches we’re on the lookout to see if the saddle shoe makes a few more appearances on the street and even on the screen as worn by some celebrities.

Saddle Shoe image courtesy of obiwolf