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Back to School 2013 Kids’ Picks – Isaiah’s Picks

It’s about that time of year, isn’t it?  The dog days of summer.  It’s hot.  It’s sticky.  And school will be here before you know it, so we’re featuring a few stylish kids who want to help you make your back-to-school shopping decisions.

Isaiah will be a first grader this fall.  He loves the color yellow.  His favorite lunch food is a PB&J, and he’s got some serious game when it comes to playing basketball.  Remember this kid, because you’ll be seeing his name in the headlines one day.

When he’s not putting up a few jumpers in the driveway, he’s watching his favorite movie, “The Lion King,” with his favorite stuffed duck right by his side, which he won, by the way, at a 4th of July carnival (by making a basket, perhaps?).  At school you might catch him in the library or the music room, his two favorite subjects.

Check out Isaiah’s picks, and when you recognize his name and face in the sports section in a few years, look for a blog post from me saying, “I told you so.” 🙂

Western Chief Boys’ Batman Umbrella









“It’s cool because I like superheroes!” – Isaiah

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Western Chief Boys’ Batman Raincoat

“I like how the cape pops out!” – Isaiah

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Western Chief Boys’ Batman Boot

“I like how the boots go with the umbrella and raincoat.” – Isaiah

Warning: donning of this much Batman attire may actually turn your kid into Batman.  Although, Isaiah doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. 🙂

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AND1 Boys’ Master Mid

“I like these because I LOVE basketball.” – Isaiah

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 Quiksilver Boys’ Mastermind Backpack

“I LOVE colors, and I need a new backpack.” – Isaiah

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Puma Kids’ Osu Jrs


“I like how the colors mix and then form into a cool shoe.” – Isaiah

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Quiksilver Boy’s Eclipsed

“I love the bright colors!” – Isaiah

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Ariat Kids’ Charger

“I like the tallness of the boot.” – Isaiah

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Keep and eye out for other kid’s picks this summer and feel free to comment if you like any of Isaiah’s picks!