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NKOTBSB Rocks the USA in Sneakers and Boots

Break out those baggy Starter jackets, wallet chains, and Tommy Hilfiger jeans – the ’90s are back!

And for those of you that loved pop music during the ’90s there has been some exciting news over the past few weeks. The former biggest boy bands in the world – New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys have teamed up for a tour and compilation album.

That’s right, it’s boy band mania all over again.


That’s right ladies and gentlemen – that’s nine guys making up the biggest boy band in history.

All over exaggeration aside these guys are still out doing what they love 10 and 20 years after their most popular days. They’re still relatively young and it seems like they enjoy doing what they do. And if there’s an audience for their collaboration (and the sell out shows prove their is) I see nothing wrong with putting out more entertaining pop songs and ballads.

The guys have a tour scheduled for the entire summer. A half dozen or more dates are already sold out. The bands aren’t selling out huge places anymore, but their venues are nothing to laugh at. Interest in music seems to have a 15-20 year flashback loop so these guys are right at the beginning of a reminiscent period where young adults are thinking back to their younger days. And the best part is those fans of the bands back in the ’90s can now probably afford to take themselves to the show instead of begging mom or dad for an advance on their allowance.

It’s kind of weird to think back now, but I remember taking a school field trip. I was in seventh grade at the time. A small group of kids from my class got to go on an Outdoor Education day near my hometown. We were on the bus to the local park when Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) came on the radio. The girls in the class immediately started singing along while the boys looked at each other wondering what was happening.

The rest was history as the Backstreet Boys went on to become the biggest band of my teen years. New Kids were a little before my time, but I’m sure I was present during a few of their biggest days. I may have even watched their Saturday morning cartoon when I was six or seven.

Flash forward to 2011 and the mega group has a song out at radio. It’s catchy and fun. It’s pure pop just like in the ’90s and fans are loving it.

It’s been over 20 years since NKOTB first arrived on the scene and over 10 years for BSB. Now they’re back and together as one and the influence is catching on once again only this time with a slightly older, reminiscent crowd.

NKOTBSB Sneakers and Boots

They once ruled the covers of magazines. The fashion of the boy brand craze was important for the teenage culture in the ’90s. Today the guys are mostly in their 30s and 40s and they still know how to be in style. Ok, so most of their pre-teen choices back in the ’90s weren’t the greatest, but these days they know how to dress like cool adults.

Here are a few options to look like the cool guys in NKOTBSB…

Marc Ecko Plex

Marc Ecko Plex

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The guys in the bands are going with some casual style that’s been popular for decades. The songs are the same and the style has been updated while remaining classic. You can never go wrong with a sleek pair of sneakers with just about any type of apparel.

Skechers Leather Sneaker

Skechers Leather Sneaker

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Here’s another sneaker from Skechers. It’s got classic style and as you can see in the picture above the guys in NKOTBSB like to rock the casual sneaker look. White, black, and gray are all popular colors today and have been for decades. It’s timeless style.

Timberland Oakwell Boot

Timberland Oakwell Boot

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Timberland was hugely popular back in the ’90s and today they still have some of the best boots. Check out the photo above and you’ll see a couple of the guys wearing black boots. The edge remains. I think the formula for boy bands was to have a guy with an edge.

Don’t Turn Out The Lights – NKOTBSB