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Sandals, Slides, Flip Flops, Oh My! How to Pick the Best Shoes for Summer

Once again you find yourself standing in your closet, struggling to decide which of your favorite shoe styles to wear. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Even when you rule out all of your fall and cold-weather options, there are still a ton of summer shoe styles to choose from. Fortunately, we can help! Here’s a quick rundown of the top summer styles and how to pick the best one for your day.

The Different Types of Sandals

Sandals are part of what makes summer so fun! Your toes hide under boots and tennis shoes for three seasons a year — time to show them off! There are so many fun options when it comes to women’s sandals that you’re bound to find one to go with every warm weather look in your closet. The first thing to consider when picking a pair is your schedule for the day. Are you going to be on your feet most of the time? For long days of walking, you’ll want to go with a style with a secure and comfortable fit. Ankle strap sandals are great for this kind of day, especially ankle strap sandals from Birkenstock that feature a footbed that molds to your foot for ultimate comfort. Fisherman sandals are another great option because they feature a back strap that keeps your feet from slipping out.

Next, what is the dress code for your day? If you have a grad party or a night out with friends on the docket, spring for something a little fancier. Huarache sandals are a great choice if you’re looking for something without too much of a heel. On the other end of the spectrum, platform sandals can serve as a statement piece for any outfit, giving the look a little extra flair. Teva and Tommy Hilfiger both have platform styles to go with both casual and dressy looks if you’re craving that extra height. If you want something bold, give pink espadrilles sandals a try, but be ready to answer when everyone asks where you got them! Women’s wedge sandals are a great in-between option if you want a little bit of heel but don’t want to go with a full platform style. Give Minnetonka sandals a look if you go in this direction as they have a wide variety of stylish wedge sandals with comfortable cushioned footbeds for all day comfort.

The Different Types of Slides

For days when quick on-and-off is essential, like beach or pool outings where you leave your shoes safely on dry land, slides are perfect. Slide sandals feature a strap or straps over the top of the foot, letting you slide your shoe on and off with ease. Under Armour slides are essential for the frequent beach- or pool-goer as they have durable EVA outsoles that deliver great traction while also drying quickly if they do end up in the water.

Slides aren’t only for outdoor activities and casual days, though. Steve Madden slides pair perfectly with dressy looks thanks to their rhinestone and shimmer details. If you are looking for something with a little bit of heel, they also offer leather slides that give you that extra bit of lift. When it comes to slides, Steve Madden has you covered, with dressy, comfy, and strappy slides available in all sorts of different colored options and cushioned footbeds that make even long days on your feet a breeze. Madden Girl’s tie-dye slide with adjustable buckles is one of our favorite styles!

Flip flops are so well-loved for the same reason as slides: they’re easy to slip on and super comfortable. When you think of flip flops, you probably don’t imagine shoes with much support for your feet, but thanks to Orthaheel Technology, your flip flops can keep your feet as happy as your other more structured shoes. Women’s Vionic flip flops feature podiatrist-designed, biomechanical orthotic footbeds with arch support and deep heel cups that keep feet aligned in their natural position. Over time, Orthaheel sandals can reduce over-pronation, which improves foot function and can even alleviate foot and knee pain! These incredible shoes come in all sorts of styles, meaning you can wear them anywhere you like. Brands like Rocket Dog and Roxy offer chic looks for both dressy and casual occasions, and with different heel options too! Rocket Dog wedge flip flops are a must for flip flop lovers who like to sport a bit of heel on a daily basis.

The Best Sandals for Men

Why let women have all the fun when it comes to sandals? Don’t worry guys, we have great styles and brands for you too! Fisherman sandals are a great all-around summer shoe that can be worn just about anywhere, especially if you get them in black. Black fisherman sandals can be dressed up for a formal summer event or dressed down for a day spent at the lake — the opportunities are endless! You can get both open and closed toe sandals to fit your venue or whatever activities your day has in store for you. For days that need you to be on your feet for long periods of time, grab your North Face men’s sandals which are both good for you (with optional arch support features) and for the environment (with eco-friendly styles available). Men’s Crocs are also great for long days, especially ones spent outside or on the water. Crocs water shoes will quickly become your new best friend if you plan on spending your summer at the beach!

When it comes to sandals, there is something for just about everyone! Let us know in the comments what your go-to summer kicks are, and be sure to show us your #ShoeMallStyle on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest!