Shoe Inspiration

Tips & hacks on what to do with your old shoes

What to do with old shoes?

Are your favorite shoes not looking like new anymore after years of everyday wear and tear? One option is to get creative with your old shoes. Reusing them to craft up some awesome DIY items! If getting creative with your shoes isn’t your thing, recycling and donating your shoes is an option as well!

Where to recycle shoes?

The easiest kind of shoes to recycle are sneakers. One of the broadest recycling programs is Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe Program, which accepts any sneaker brand. Anywhere from New Balance kids shoes to men’s athletic shoes, Nike will take them.

Where to donate old shoes?

Donating your old shoes is a great and easy option. Taking the worn-out shoes to your local thrift store or organization is an awesome idea. These businesses will usually take any shoe like Mary jane shoes, big girl shoes, and North Face boots. Don’t forget about your used womens dress shoes, women’s slippers, or men’s slippers those can be donated as well!

How to reuse old shoes?

Instead of throwing those old shoes away, why not put them to good use? You can utilize shoe recycling to your advantage by turning your old women’s boots or shoes into cute flowerpots or create a bird nesting home or a bookend!

Where to sell old shoes?

Want to get some money for your used Birkenstocks or Clark’s shoes? We get it. There are a handful of great sites to use to get the most out of your old shoes. Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist can be a great option to sell locally. You can also expand your range and sell on much larger sites like eBay or Poshmark. If you’re not interested in selling online, taking your shoes to a local consignment shop like Plato’s Closet is a great option to still get some money for your shoes.

Sustainable shoe brands

Are you looking for a sustainable shoe that supports the survival of the environment? Don’t worry, we have you covered. A very popular sustainable shoe is TOMS. If you are shopping for men’s eco-friendly footwear checkout men’s Hey Dudes, which use recycled materials and biodegradable packaging. If you’re looking for women’s shoes women’s Reebok shoes are becoming more sustainable to fulfil their goal of creating innovative solutions that will help build a fitter planet without impacting performance. Dr. Scholls women’s shoes are on a mission for improving their sustainability efforts by the end of 2023 to have 30% of all faux leather sourced using eco-conscious materials. If you’re looking for a sustainable sandal, the women’s TEVA platform sandals are a great option. Other brands that offer sustainable styles include Etnies shoes, and JBU By Jambu. All these sustainable shoe brands are lightweight, supportive, and comfortable, making them the perfect shoe.

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