Summer 2010 Shoe Buyers Guide

Summer 2010 Shoe Buyers Guide

The snow is melting and the overcast days of winter are making way for the bright sun of summer. And that means it’s time to fill your shoe rack with the hottest styles for your summer adventures.

For the best insight into the styles and trends you need for a fashionable summer we turned to the expert shoe merchants at ShoeMall. They put their analysis together and the result is…

The Ultimate Summer 2010 Shoe Buyers Guide

Hot Summer 2010 Trends
Day at the Beach
Night Club
Floral accents can be a fun addition to your favorite beach sandals. Add a little flirty style this summer with ruffles and flowers. Stay away from the flowers and ruffles for nights at the clubs. Try a few of the other options. Flirty ruffles and flower accents can be great for a day of shopping. Pick some fun summer colors to feel confident and fun this summer when you’re getting your shopping done.
You’ll find it difficult to wear platforms to the beach. Don’t get caught sinking in the sand or soft ground. Platforms are perfect for standing tall and gaining some attention at the clubs. Limit the dancing to a few basic moves and you’ll be rocking the floor in hot platforms. Shop in platforms at your own risk.
Woven patterns are perfect for standing out a little bit.. Find slides and thongs that have woven accents for your trips to the beach. Twisted footwear can fit great with your trendy nightlife style. There is lots of flash available here to make you stand out at the clubs this summer. Shopping is meant to be enjoyable and social. Find a new twisted or woven style and you’ll be the talk of the shops this season.
Tribal patterns are in this season. If you can find the right combination of beachwear and tribal you’ll have a great recipe for style this summer. Tribal is great for the clubs. Look trendy and stylish this summer by wearing the latest in tribal trends. Tribal is fashionable this season. Be sure to try some out at the stores this season – your friends will instantly pay attention.
Gray is going to work well for weddings and special events this season, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work with a great pair of comfortable flip flops for your day at the beach. The right shades of gray scream edgy and fun. Wear your favorite styles in gray this summer to make sure you’re looking like a star on the dance floor. Gray works for just about anything this summer and that includes hitting the shops.
Purple is a fun color for summer. Wear your favorite purple sandals to the beach this season. Purple can look both classy and stylish at the same time. Hit the clubs this summer with a hot pair of purple platforms and everybody will be looking. There are tons of great purple styles out there this season. Pick out some with a little fashion zest to match your wardrobe and grab a little attention at the boutiques.
EVA works great for days at the beach. Get a pair of EVA flip flops to stay comfortable on your walk down to the beach and they’ll be easy to kick off once you get there. EVA is great for comfort and that means no sore feet after a night of dancing and clubbing. Fashion and comfort don’t have to be trade offs if you find the right combination. Comfort is king when it comes to spending hours on your feet. EVA soles will save your feet and it’ll feel like you’re walking in the clouds.
Small studs and similar accents can be just enough to standout on your favorite style flip flops the next time you go to the beach. Studs are perfect for looking fun and edgy at the nightclubs this summer. Studs can work to gain a little edgy attention at the mall. Choose wisely and stay subtle to turn some heads.
Zippers can work at the beach with the right style. Pick the right combo of zipper and summer style for the beach. Just like studs, zippers are the perfect addition to your nightlife footwear. Zippers are edgy and fun for summer styles. They can work with shopping sometimes, but it can be tricky.
Jewels are a great addition to the classic beach style footwear. Pick ones that match your personality to gain the right kind of attention this summer at the beach. Jewels can be a great addition to your favorite styles. At classy or upscale clubs you’ll fit right in with a great pair of dress sandals complete with jewels. Jewels are just the right accessory for your feet when you’re shopping. A little dressy feel when you’re trying on those new special occasion outfits.
Flirty-style is back for summer 2010. Espadrilles are the perfect look for the summer months. Take some on the boardwalk and slip them off for a walk on the beach. Espadrilles can work for the clubs next to the beach, but there are better options when it comes to standing out on the dance floor. Espadrilles work great for shopping. They’re stylish and eye-catching and if you’re trying to appear relaxed, laid-back, and down-to-earth then put a pair on your feet this summer.
Gladiators are back this summer. The style is still big and fits the beach style. Take a pair down for bumming around the beach. Gladiators are hot again this summer. The right combo of outfit and sandal can make you really stand out at the clubs. Gladiators emerged as eye-catching apparel and still have that effect today. Find the best style to go with comfort and you’ll be set to hit the stores.
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Hot Summer 2010 Trends
Amusement Park
Ruffles and flowers are a big part of the upcoming spring and summer seasons. The little girl in each of us gets a chance to play dress up again. Perfect for weddings to have just the right accessory to your favorite summer styles. Concerts are great for hanging out and dancing a little if the music is right. Depending on the type of music, ruffles and flowers may just work for your concert attire. Depending on what you’re doing at the amusement park, ruffles and flowers may fit. Otherwise, opt for styles that can’t get caught on the rides or slides.
The right blend of platform and classic style can work for weddings, but it’s a risk. Unless the style of the wedding calls for it go with something else. Platforms are risky at concerts. You could be standing a lot and possibly doing a little dancing and moving. It’s a give-and-take between looking flashy and handling pain. Avoid the platforms for the amusement park. Lots of walking, standing, and getting into tight seats on the rides.
A little too flashy for most weddings. You might be able to find a twisted style that suits a wedding well, but avoid trendy for weddings. The right combo of twisted and woven this summer will make for great attire for most concerts. Let your inner rocker out in style and get something flashy. Twisted and woven can work at the amusement park. The right pattern can grab some attention.
Leave the tribal at home for wedding season this year. Too much flash and It’ll draw looks…not the good kind. Tribal is jumping on the scene this summer and the styles are here to make you stand out. Pick a great pair for your favorite concerts this summer. Tribal can work at the park too this summer, but don’t go too wild on the styling.
Silver shades of gray are perfect for classic weddings. There are lots of options to make you look your best this wedding season. Let your rockstar out in style this summer by putting on a pair of great gray styles. Variations on the classic color will make you stand out amongst other concert goers. And they’ll make you feel like you’re rocking right along with the band. Gray is a great color for lots of summer events including days at the amusement park. There are lots of options for styles to go with many great variations of this hot Summer 2010 color.
Purple can look great for the right wedding. Stick to the classic styles and the subtle purple tones. Just like gray, purple is great for attending concerts this summer. A little flash goes a long way to rocking out to the classic summer hits. Purple is hot this summer. Make sure you have some purple styles in your closet this summer so you’re prepared for everything including days of excitement at the amusement park.
EVA is great for weddings if you need to do a lot of standing and even dancing. Don’t error on the side of comfort though if it means giving up style. For all day concerts, comfort can be a lifesaver. For those standing room only concerts be sure to have a pair of sandals or shoes with EVA soles. With all the standing and walking at the amusement park, comfortable EVA soles will be life savers.
Subtle studs are the key if you’re going to use them as a footwear accessory at weddings this season. Studs scream “Rocker” to the folks at the concert. Rock out in style by showing off your style with a few studs. Studs can work, but don’t go too crazy. You don’t want to poke anybody’s ankles while waiting in line for the big roller coaster.
Zippers are generally not great for weddings. Just like studs, zippers are made for rock concerts. Zipper styles can work for days at the amusement park. It’ll show your friends that you’re ready for some excitement and edgy fun.
Perfect for weddings and special occasions. There are lots of jeweled styles to pick from. For the slow songs, jewels can let the guys know that you’re sweet and ready for a dance. Jewels can be the right extra touch if you’re looking to stand out a little at the amusement park. Maybe the boys will take notice when everybody is waiting in line for the coaster.
Espadrilles can work for a laid-back wedding or a wedding with earthy themes. For upscale and dressy go another route. Espadrilles don’t work for most concerts, but if you’re going for the ’60s decade of love everybody then this is your ticket. Espadrilles work in lots of summer activities. Don’t go too tall in the heel and you’ll be fine for a day of moving around at the thrill park.
Gladiators can have a classic style that work well at formal and informal weddings. Pick the right style and you’ll look great this wedding season. Your footwear style is not the highlight of the concert scene, but the right pair can attract some attention. Find a pair to match the concert you’re attending and catch a few eyes. For hot days on the cement in the parks you’ll want something that lets your feet breathe. Gladiator styles can be just the ticket.