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Style Guide: 10 Best Teva Sandals

We continue our Style Guide Series with a popular brand: Teva.

This popular brand is designed to keep you active this summer while providing the best in comfort for your feet. The styles are edgy and fun and most importantly they’re useful.

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White Water RaftingTeva sandals were inspired by hikers in the desert and rough terrain of Arizona. Teva sandals were designed to be the best footwear for active people during the hot months of summer. Today, Teva shoes are the standard summer activity shoes. The edgy style and comfort fit make them perfect for hiking, birding, canoeing, kayaking, and any other summer activity that involves the elements.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Teva styles…

The 10 Best Teva Sandals


Teva Men’s Katavi Thong Sandal

Shop: Katavi Thong Sandal

Teva Men's Katavi Thong Sandal

Built to withstand anything you can throw at it, the Katavi is ready for your outdoor adventure. The Katavi is also styled to make sure you look cool this summer. With cargo shorts, climbing gear, or just jeans, this sandal is versatile enough for all of your outings.

Teva Men’s Tanza Sandal

Shop: Tanza Sandal

Teva Men's Tanza Sandal

If you’re heading to the lake or river this summer, the Tanza sandal will be your best friend. The sandal is water-friendly while the straps will securely hold your foot in place. The style is classic Teva. The sole is aggressive and ready for walking along rocky paths or creek beds.

Teva Men’s Fossil Canyon Sandal

Shop: Fossil Canyon Sandal

Teva Men's Fossil Canyon Sandals

If you’re like most active folks, it’s necessary to have apparel and footwear that’s versatile enough to go from the rivers and trails to the streets and sidewalks. The Fossil Canyon will be perfect for those days you want to skip out for lunch and go for a hike. The Fossil Canyon is full waterproof and the sole won’t leave a black mark on the office floor. The well-known Teva straps will keep you secure no matter how tough (or smooth) your path is this summer.


Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

Shop: Tirra Sandal

Teva Women's Tirra Sandal

The Tirra is highly rated by your peers (Nearly 5 out of 5 stars). It comes in a variety of colors to match any of the apparel you need for your treks this summer. The comfort is what makes these sandals perfect for the summer season. They’re great for a day of hiking along the river or for standing all day at an event or even at work.

Teva Women’s Olowahu Sandal

Shop: Olowahu Sandal

Teva Women's Olowahu Sandal

A new and popular design. The Olowahu sandal is fun and fresh. The yellow is the favorite of our merchandisers for the summer. It stands out and has the edge you’ll need for a great summer. The Olowahu is extra comfortable and lightweight. It’s a great sandal for all your summer adventures.

Teva Women’s Ventura Thong Sandal

Shop: Ventura Thong Sandal

Teva Women's Ventura Thong Sandal

A classic outdoor fashion thong sandal. The Ventura is the ultimate comfort thong. The style is edgy and unique. The cork footbed keeps you light on your feet. The rubber bottom will not scuff up floors as you move from outside to inside. The adjustable strap will keep you secure too. Be sure to have this staple style in your closet this summer.


Teva Boys’ Hurricane 2 Sandal

Shop: Hurricane 2 Sandal

Teva Boys' Hurricane 2 Sandal

For the little adventurers in the family, this lightweight yet durable Hurricane 2 sandal will have your boys smiling this summer. The straps will keep your boys’ feet secure as you take them on walks through the parks or even on fun camping trips.

Teva Boys’ Mush Sandal

Shop: Boys’ Mush Sandal

Teva Boys' Mush Sandal

Soft and squishy for the fun-loving boys. This sandal is fun and comfortable. The Mush has a durable strap and sole so your future adventurer can be rough on them. Keep your favorite son’s feet cool and comfortable this summer with a pair of these.


Teva Girls’ Tirra Sandal

Shop: Girls’ Tirra Sandal

Teva Girls' Tirra Sandal

Your little adventurer will look just like mom with her matching Teva Tirra sandals this summer. This style is fun and sporty with a feminine feel. It comes in three great colors so your little one can have her favorite. The straps will keep her feet secure and the sole is comfortable for a day of walking down by the creeks.

Teva Girls’ Mush Sandal

Shop: Girls’ Mush Sandal

Teva Girls' Mush Sandal

Comfortable and fun. This sandal is squishy and will keep your little adventurer smiling this summer. Take your little girl out for a walk on the beach or for a day at the playground with the Mush sandal. The fun colors are perfect for summer and make any outfit stand out.

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