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Summer Sandal Guide 2011: Mens Flip Flops

2011 Sandal Series

Summer 2011 is nearly here.

SandboardingIf you’re like everyone you probably have every weekend planned out for the warm months. Trips to the beach. Casual nights out with friends. And even a few waterparks and theme parks are probably penciled in on the schedule for the summer.

Everybody is ready for activities this summer and the theme for everybody’s plans will be fun in the sun and running around outdoors.

As the Beach Boys sang, ‘Round ’round  get around I get around.

For all those summer plans I wanted to pull together some interesting trends in men’s flip flops for this summer. Flip flops are always at the top of the need list for summer.

Flips work great in nearly every summer situation so having a go-to pair as you head out the door is a must. Here are 7 of the best guys flip flops for the summer of 2011…

Men’s Flip Flops for 2011

You’ll find some interesting trends and styles this summer. There are flashy colors and a few new twists on the classic flip flop styling.

Colorful Footbeds

Reef Mens Print

Reef Men's Prints

Shop: Reef Mens Prints

The footbed on this new flip flop from Reef is a big splash of color. You can get your favorite flash of reds, blues, and purples. It adds a little extra flair to your summer attire. This season bright colors are in. Don’t forget to include your flip flops in the bright color trend.

Sport Style

Reef XS1

Reef XS1

Shop: Reef XS1

Reef is probably my personal favorite sandal to wear. I usually pick up a new pair of Reef flips each summer. They always come through with a sandal casual enough for normal everyday wear, but also sporty enough to handle trips to the ultimate Frisbee field or even for a ride on the boat. Plus you can’t beat the bottle opener on the bottom. You never know 🙂

Grillin’ ‘n Chillin’

Sanuk Beer Cozy Sandal

Sanuk Beer Cozy Sandal

Shop: Sanuk Beer Cozy Sandal

Don’t forget about white as a color option for your summer flip flops. I got a pair of white golf flips last year and I think they’re pretty sweet. The color is typically different from everyone else’s if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. These new flips from Sanuk are perfect for grillin’ and chillin’ this summer. Is there really anything better to do on a Saturday night in the summer?

Funky Comfort

The North Face Base Camp

The North Face Base Camp

Shop: The North Face Base Camp

When I have thought of The North Face in the past I’ve always picture lightweight, but warm winter gear. I was apparently wrong. They are branching out into summer wear and this interesting looking flip is kind of appealing. The cushioned insole looks super comfortable. It even comes in camo for a little extra style.

Good Deal

Rafters Tsunami Key

Rafters Tsunami Key

Shop: Rafters Tsunami Key

If you’re like me you put your flip flops through a lot each summer. I bet combined there are a lot of miles put on flip flops each summer. And while some flips are made to withstand that kind of abuse most just don’t cut it. If you accept that your flips are going to take a beating look for a quality pair at a great price like this from Rafters.

Lightweight Comfort

Crocs Yukon

Shop: Crocs Yukon

Crocs is known for their funky looking yet comfortable shoes. The lightweight material is perfect for long days of walking around in the summer. You could be at the theme park or at an all day festival. These new flip flops from Crocs are classically styled for good looks and below the surface you know they’re ultra-lightweight and comfortable.

Water Friendly

Quiksilver Foundation

Quiksilver Foundation

Shop: Quiksilver Foundation

You’ll see color on the footbed here again, but this flip from Quiksilver is the classic surfer style. It’s water friendly as most flip flops are but you always want to make sure before you buy. Make sure the uppers are water resistant and the bottoms are rubber. You don’t want to have slippery or water logged sandals when you go from the beach to the cafe this summer.

Bonus: I Get Around by The Beach Boys

Sandboarding image courtesy of nattu