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Summer Sandal Guide 2011: Womens Dress Sandals

2011 Sandal Series

Weddings, anniversaries, graduations…

DaisiesThe list goes on for big events and occasions. As we head into summer the number of events picks up as the weekends fill in with invitations to various gatherings.

Heading to all these events means looking your best. There are lots of choices when it comes to dresses, shirts, and accessories, but the list of dress sandals is always challenging. In our effort to help, the merchandisers at ShoeMall let me know about a few of the key trends in dress sandals this summer. I put them all together here.

Check it out and here’s to looking your best for all dress occasions in the summer of 2011!

2011 Dress Sandals: Trends and Styles

There are some interesting themes in dress sandals this season. Some trends will look familiar while a few may surprise…

10. Printed Bottoms

Printed patterns around the bottom of dress sandals is an emerging trend. Look around this summer and you’ll start noticing floral patterns, paint patterns, and other unique expressions. It’s a fun trend that adds some cool flair to any outfit.

Faryl Robin Thea

Faryl Robin Thea

Shop: Faryl Robin Thea

The Faryl Robin Thea is one example of the printed pattern on the outside sole of a dress sandal. It’s fun. It’s colorful. It’s perfect for summer events.

9. Rhinestone Glitz

A little glimmer and glitz is still the right touch for special events. In the summer it’s fun to pair dress sandals with rhinestone accents or similar shimmer. Rhinestone or similar accents can really set off well against all the dress outfits you put together this summer.

Yellow Box Maddie

Yellow Box Maddie

Shop: Yellow Box Maddie

This slip-on from Yellow Box is the perfect combination of summer casual and summer dress. The sandal has the cork bottom, which remains popular to go along with the classic black upper. The rhinestone buckle accent is a great way to show a little shimmer at your next big event.

8. Like-Wood Bottom

Here’s an interesting trend. Back in the ’70s platform sandals were popular and you’d occasionally see a platform made of wood. Now the style is back in fashion as like-wood bottoms make a comeback. Check them out this summer for various events. Heels with platform fronts featuring like-wood will be in style.

Michael Antonio Tatte

Michael Antonio Tatte

Shop: Michael Antonio Tatte

This style from Michael Antonio has the like-wood bottom to go along with a cool exotic print upper. It’s a one of a kind style to ensure you look original this summer.

7. Dress Flats

This style never goes out of fashion. For those that are a bit taller or for those that just don’t like wearing heels there are the dress flat sandals. These are perfect for looking great while still being comfortable. For many summer events you’ll be standing for long periods. Take some pressure of those feet with some comfortable and stylish flats.

Steve Madden Guesst

Steve Madden Guesst

Shop: Steve Madden Guesst

This dress sandal from Steve Madden has the flat bottom for comfort, but it’s combined with the rhinestone strap for a little extra dress glitz. Perfect for an outdoor wedding or outdoor party.

6. Covered Ankle

Covered ankles with straps and fabric is a cool trend this summer. Look for styles with heels and classic styling near the toe, but then look toward the ankle and you’ll see more straps or a single piece of fabric covering the ankle. It’s a neat addition to add some accent to the classic summer dress sandals.

Faryl Robin Drea

Faryl Robin Drea

Shop: Faryl Robin Drea

Here is a style from Faryl Robin that comes with the covered ankle look. It’s a cool fashion twist to the classic dress sandal. There is also some interesting depth added to the heel.

5. Beads

This trend surprised me a bit. Beads are in style this summer. It’s not a trend I’ve been seeing as huge up to this point, but it looks like it could pick up steam heading into the summer months. From the looks of a few new dress sandals there are some fun beading accents to match just about any outfit.

Carlos by Carlos Santana Acapuloco

Carlos Santana Acapuloco

Shop: Carlos by Carlos Santana Acapuloco

This style from Carlos Santana has the bead accenting and the classic sandal style. The heel is big and the beading makes for a unique pattern. Even in the black it looks like it could work well with fun summer outfits.

4. Gladiator

The gladiator look is still going strong. There are still lots of gladiator patterns on the market right now. The trend isn’t going away anytime soon and you’ll look stylish with any of the updated gladiator patterns this summer. Pair them along with some of the other trends and you’ll be all set.

Steve Madden Cabezza

Steve Madden Cabezza

Shop: Steve Madden Cabezza

This gladiator dress sandal from Steve Madden is the basic gladiator on the surface, but after further inspection you’ll see the chain and stud accents on the straps. The perfect way to combine the familiar gladiator look with other current trends.

3. Stacked Heel

The stacked heel look has been around for a few seasons now. It seems to be a trend entering the stage where it’s a staple each summer. The classic look gives off a fun summer vibe while still working well for dress occasions. You can find all sorts of various stacked heel patterns as designers find new ways to express their personality with the classic stacked look.

Faryl Robin Maley

Faryl Robin Maley

Shop: Faryl Robin Maley

Faryl Robin has some great styles out this summer. Here’s the Maley, which combines the stacked look with a cool upper strap feature. The straps wrap all the way to the bottom of the sandal adding an original look for any summer outfit. The little dash of color is also a subtle way to stand out.

2. Classic Silver

You can’t go wrong with silver this time of year. It’s a great color for almost any big even. A few updated styles to the silver color include flowers, bursts, and other little accents. There isn’t much to say about the silver trend other than it’s always going to be in style.

Unlisted Hot Water

Unlisted Hot Water

Shop: Unlisted Hot Water

Here is the classic silver look on a new style from Unlisted. The little accent on the toe adds some dress flair to make your feet look classy and stylish for the big event. They’re perfect for weddings or other proud occasions.

1. Flowers

It’s summertime and that means flowers are back in fashion. There are always a number of great new styles each season with flower accents. They add a bit of summer fun to a wardrobe. Check out the new flower additions to this year’s dress sandals and you’ll be all set for the summer events.

Tommy Hilfiger Nikki

Tommy Hilfiger Nikki

Shop: Tommy Hilfiger Nikki

Here’s a new slip-on sandal from Tommy Hilfiger. The flower is right there on the side to add the perfect touch for your wedding or event outfit.

Daisies image courtesy of sarniebill1