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3 Elegant Flats You Can Dance In

Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, or guest, comfortable wedding shoes are a must-have for surviving the upcoming wedding season. While you may immediately think heels are a part of the wedding dress code, they can often be uncomfortable and a hassle. If you’d rather be the girl living it up on the dance floor, consider these three comfortable wedding flats instead!

Women’s Ballet Flats

Ballet flats, or ballerina flats, are a type of women’s dress flats with a rounded toe, low heel, and flexible sole; features that make them perfect wedding flats. They also add a touch of elegant femininity to any outfit, which is always a plus, and tend to be affordable, meaning you can easily build up a collection of elegant flats to choose from without breaking the bank. The only downside is that they often don’t have a lot in the way of arch support, so look for formal flats with added cushioning and support built in to the footbed if you can. One great example of this is the Zodiac Sonia Ballet Flat, which features extra arch support and cushioning in the heel to keep you comfy as you break out your best dance moves.


D’Orsay Flats

Another great choice for comfortable flat wedding shoes is D’Orsay flats. These elegant flats featured a covered toe and heel, but leave the sides open for a unique look. While ballet shoes almost always feature a rounded toe, you can find pointed flats in a D’Orsay style as well as round, giving you tons of different options. This is another style of women’s dress flats where you want to look for styles that provide you with the arch support and cushioning you need for the wedding service, photos, cocktail hour, reception, and anything else your night might have in store. If high heels are required for wedding photos, you can sneak a pair of these comfortable dressy flats in your purse and swap them out just before you hit the dance floor. Your feet will thank you!

Flat Mules

Flat mules aren’t just great flat wedding shoes, they’re great everything shoes. These cute flats feature a slip-on style that can easily be dressed up for a formal occasion like a wedding or dressed down for a casual everyday look with a little bit of classic style. If you’re looking for a pair of elegant flats that can do it all, we recommend the Seychelles To Die For mule. This chic style features a woven leather upper that lends a sophisticated feel to sundresses, jumpsuits, and other warm weather formal looks you might find at a wedding. Once the event is over, you can also pair it with jean shorts, casual maxi dresses, and tons of other everyday looks.

How many times have you bought a pair of dress shoes for a wedding only to throw them in your closet after and never wear them again? That won’t happen with these comfortable flats!

 Those are our favorite dressy flats for summer weddings! Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to tag us in your photos on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest!