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Shoes for Your 4th of July Celebration – 2011 Edition

Can you believe we’re halfway through summer?!

FireworksI don’t even want to think about it, but the 4th of July is only a couple weeks away. The goods news is the Fourth celebration usually means getting away for a long weekend. Most of us head out to a lake or campground to spend time with friends and family. When we’re not on the boats or on the beach there is usually time for fun activities like volleyball, frisbee, chit chatting around the campfire, and of course fireworks.

The Fourth of July Weekend can mean lots of time on your feet. It’s an active time of year for most people. It’s summer. It can be hot. And if you’re near the lake or on the boat it can mean wet and slippery. All of the activity calls for the right kind of footwear.

Be sure to pack all the essentials this Fourth of July including these essential shoes…

Fourth of July Shoes – 2011 Edition

There are three staples for most men’s and women’s Fourth of July duffel bags. Be sure to pack these for the most enjoyment for your fun weekend.

Durable Sandals

For those games of ultimate frisbee, disc golf, or even a short hike through the local woods be sure to have on summer greatest pair of adventure sandals from Keen. For years Keen has been making summer sandals for the adventurists out there. Their sandals are washable, waterproof, and so durable they should be able to handle anything and everything you throw at them this summer.

Keen Venice – Women

Keen Venice

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Keen Daytona – Men

Keen Daytona

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Flip Flops

Flip flops are the essential summer shoe. They’re perfect for heading out on the dock to the boat. You can kick them off as you catch some rays on the boat deck or sitting in the lawn chair on the beach. Flips need to be as durable as possible because they typically get a lot of activity. Be sure to find some that are made of good materials so you can keep them all summer and perhaps even a few seasons. Also look for flips with tight straps to make sure you don’t flip right out of them this Fourth of July.

Skechers Cali Heatwave – Women

Skechers Cali Heatwaves-Kuh Why

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Crevo Phoenix – Men

Crevo Phoenix

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Casual Shoes

When it’s time to kick back by the campfire or watch the fireworks a good pair of casual shoes comes in real handy. The summertime calls for hot weather, but some of the summer nights can get a little cold. For those cases you’ll want to cover up those feat with some shoes that can transition from the warm weather to the cold. A good pair of casual or athletic shoes can go a long way to keep you active and comfortable this summer. Find a pair that works well with jeans and shorts and you’ll be versatile this Fourth of July for just about any activity.

New Balance 550 – Women

New Balance 550

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Timberland City Adventure – Men

Timberland City Adventure

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Fireworks image courtesy of jurvetson