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Men Are Feeling Blue This Summer

It’s time for those summertime blues.

Blue New BalanceOk I’m sure we’re all excited about summer. Up here in the Midwest it’s been a long winter and everyone has a bit of cabin fever. Maybe it’s the extra bit of cold weather that’s got things turning blue because in the fashion world there are shades of the favorite manly color showing up everywhere including the latest footwear. Even American Idol judge and former bassist for Journey Randy Jackson is sporting blue shoes.

Blue has long been a favorite of boys and men. Shirts, cars, rooms, and even shoes have always come in shades of blue to please the eyes of men. It’s a great color and for some reason has been associates with having the blues and feeling down.

But there’s no reason to feel blue this season.

There are plenty of blue shoe options to keep your days bright and cheery.

Blue Shoes 2011

Blues shoes are everywhere this spring.

As the summer rolls through you’ll be seeing more and more footwear in all shades of blue – light, dark, navy, and everything else.

Stacy Adams Sabola Slip-On

Stacy Adams Sabola Blue

Shop: Stacy Adams Saboloa

Stacy Adams is bringing back manly style in footwear. Their modern patterns are inspired by the classics that defined a generation of men’s shoes. These classic updates to the loafer include tassels for a little extra flair and the blue print makes this a sure winner for any event – casual or dress.

Ecco Glide Boat Shoe

Ecco Glide Boat Shoe Blue

Shop: Ecco Glide

Ecco is known for their comfort and classic style. The boat shoe has been around for decades. Think back to those old pictures of your dad or even grandfather sitting boatside with his foot up on the bow. He’s probably wearing a classic styled boat shoe just like this one from Ecco. And to add a little style they even come in navy blue.

Quiksilver Texture Sandal

Quiksilver Blue Texture Sandal

Shop: Quiksilver Texture

You’ll be walking on carpet with these new sandals from Quiksilver. The carpet is durable though and will stand up to all the wear you’ll give them this summer. The blue color gives your feet a little extra appeal as you spend your days at the parks, the beaches, and the casual nights out with friends. Quiksilver is a summer brand and they’re the best at picking the hottest trends in fashion.

Bonus: Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins

Elvis Presley is more famous for the song, but it was Carl Perkins that wrote and recorded the popular track. With one song he forever cemented blue shoes into pop culture.

Blue New Balance Shoes image courtesy of sling@flickr