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Boys Want to Be Just Like Dad

Father Son Dress UpHave you ever gone to dinner at a nice restaurant and seen a family dining at a nearby table?

Now think for a second, was the boy in the family dressed just like his daddy?

It’s always cute to see how the sons love to emulate their dads. If dad is wearing dress pants with a nice dress shirt or sweater then junior has to have a similar look. It may be the parents doing the dressing, but that doesn’t change the fact that sons love being like their dads.

Dressing Like Dad

I remember as a kid I didn’t know much about clothes. My idea of getting dressed was finding my favorite pair of grass stained jeans and my favorite Green Bay Packer t-shirt and hitting the door on my way out to play for the day. When it came to dressing up for special occasions I had no clue what I was supposed to do. I had to look to dad for some help.

I remember a little about dressing up as a kid, but there are pictures of me in full on dress pants, dress shirt and even clip on tie. And of course there are little dress shoes as well.

Even today I find myself taking cues from my dad’s wardrobe. And I didn’t even realize I did it until I sat down to write this post!

My dad’s wardrobe for special occasions like family Christmas was always a dark pair of jeans, a polo, and usually a sweater (for those chilly Wisconsin winters). What am I wearing in the office right now? Dark jeans, a polo, and a sweater.

As for shoes…

Shoes Like Dad

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Father and son penny loafers make for great dress shoes at special occasions.

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The little guy may have to wait on the sideline while dad plays his weekly pickup basketball game, but he’ll be a budding star in these adidas Superstars.

Some Father and Son Pics

Father and Son Flip Flops

Father Son Flip Flops

Courtesy of Trevor J DeGlopper

Father and Son Suits

Father Son Suits

Courtesy of ewen and donabel

Father and Son at the Beach

Father Son Beach

Courtesy of Just a Temporary Measure

Father and Son at the Lake

Father Son Lake

Courtesy of juliejigsaw

Father Son Dress Up image at the top of the page courtesy of KellyB.